What to see in Milan in two hours around Piazza Duomo

The heart of Milan pulsates without a doubt around Piazza Duomo. The route on what to see in Milan around Piazza Duomo is typical if you have a few hours available to visit the Fashion Capital. The travel rhythms are sometimes frenetic and it may be that you only have two hours to see Milan between a work commitment and another or maybe you are accompanying a friend to visit the city but there is little time available before colder.

Let’s say that you want to visit Milan in two hours and that you’re starting point is Piazza Duomo.

Let’s find out what to see in Milan around the Duomo:


Duomo square in Milan

We start right from Piazza Duomo, the most photographed square in the city. If you are passing through, just take the subway to Milan Central Station and get off at the Duomo stop.

This is the inevitable stop when visiting Milan. Any good tourist has at least one photo of the Duomo from one of several angles. If you arrive by metro you can already see it going up the steps towards the square. Our suggestion is to walk along the whole area surrounding the Duomo and why not, take some souvenir photos in one of the most photographed squares also by VIPs.


Duomo symbol of Milan with its “Madunina”

The Duomo of Milan is the symbol of the city, the first place that comes to mind thanks to the song “O mia Bela Maduninaaaa”, the statue of the Madonnina that surmounts the Duomo and looks at the whole city. If you raise your eyes to the sky you can also see the golden Madonnina on the top. Of course, if you have time, we invite you to venture inside and not miss a walk among the spiers of the Duomo from which to photograph a beautiful view of Milan.


Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

The visit continues to discover what to see around Piazza Duomo in Milan, looking at the Duomo and proceeding on the right. See now the sumptuous Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, or more simply “The Gallery”. This place may be familiar to you even if it is the first time you visit it.

You should know that it is a location very popular with photographers for fashion services and if you are lucky you may also see some sets in progress. Inside the Galleria in Milan, we find many high fashion brands and chic shops and clubs. The frescoes are beautiful and if you have time you can also book a visit to the terraces of the Gallery, the Highline Galleria.

Inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, there is also one of the best-known symbols of good luck in Italy. Going towards the center, under the main dome, in the main crossroads on the left, there is the famous bull! Do not miss the tradition of spinning three times on yourself on the mosaic of the bull depicted in the Gallery! The exact point? See where it is most consumed 😉 A bit of good luck doesn’t hurt!


Piazza Della Scala

Let’s see what Milan still offers us to see around Piazza Duomo. For example, in the northern rear exit of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, we are immediately in Piazza Della Scala where you can admire the splendid and famous Teatro Della Scala.

In the center of the square, just 5 minutes on foot from Piazza Duomo, behind the gallery, we find the statue of Leonardo da Vinci and behind Leonardo, you will immediately see Palazzo Marino, one of the most beautiful architectural examples of the Milanese sixteenth century.


Mercanti Square

Return to Piazza Duomo, again from inside the Galleria or externally and go towards Piazza dei Mercanti. Piazza Dei Mercanti is the heart of medieval Milan together with the Palazzo Della Ragione, the Casa dei Panigarola and the Loggia degli Osii. All these monuments are enclosed in the Piazza, a small courtyard that holds centuries of history.


Under the external arches we find the oldest symbol of Milan, the bas-relief of the semilanute sow called “mediolanea” and it seems that from this derives the Latin name of Milan, Mediolanum.


Museum of the twentieth century

You have little time available, we know it and for this reason, we recommend a “taste” of the Museo del Novecento. You see it immediately, looking at the Duomo of Milan it is on your right.

Not everyone knows, for example, that you can admire the painting “The Fourth State” by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo for free. Just go to the museum entrance and you will find it right there, without having to buy a ticket.

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Here, now you have made a first idea of what to see in Milan, there are still many things to do in a city today referred to as the Capital of Fashion but as a first short visit on what to do two hours in Milan in the Piazza Duomo area, we hope that the path you enjoyed.

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