Should We Really Try Daith Piercing? Tips And Healing Guide

The Daith piercing, which happens in the innermost cartilage fold in the ear. Daith piercing has become very popular in the last several years. Although it looks very simple and elegant, daith piercing is one of the most complicated piercing one can go for. Daith piercing cannot happen with a normal needle. One needs a curved needle specially designed to do daith piercing with all precision and perfectness.

Daith piercing is very eye-catching. If daith piercing is done in the right manner, then it looks really beautiful and standout. It enhances the looks of your face. Daith piercing has become very popular these days as some of the researches proved that it helped people who have headaches very frequently.

Healing time of daith piercing– It varies from person to person to completely heal the daith piercing. It depends on the way you care about the piercing, it can be healed in 4-6 months, and if someone doesn’t take proper care it can take 6-12 months to heal. Daith Piercing is prone to infection as the pierced area always remains uncovered which gets a lot of dust and bacteria.

Tips and healing guide for a proper daith piercing

1. It is important to make sure that you’ll have a look immediately after you get the daith piercing done. The daith piercing is more prone to infection than any other piercing because of its complicated piercing style. One should clean it immediately and treat it properly to avoid infection.

2. One should make sure that there is no contact between daith piercing and cosmetic products like perfumes, lotions, and other harsh skincare products. All of these products only let the piercing take a longer time to heal.

3. One should keep changing pillow cover regularly, as some blood from that piercing, dandruff, and other bacterial substances will only interfere in your healing process of daith piercing. Also, avoid wearing caps or hats.

4. One should avoid consuming alcohol at least 24 hours before getting their piercing done. Alcohol won’t let you feel the pain initially, but later it can aggravate the pain to an extreme level. It is advised to eat a proper meal before going to a piercing so that it will make sure that your blood sugar level remains stable.

5. One should always make sure that they take some cotton or clean cotton cloth to clean the piercing wound. The cotton or cotton cloth should be dipped in salt-water to clean the area. One must wash his/her hands properly before cleaning the wound.

6. One should avoid changing the jewelry very frequently initially. Changing jewelry frequently will only lead to irritation and infection. One should wait for at least a month to change the jewelry or it is advisable to get properly checked before the doctor before changing the jewelry.

7. The last and very important thing that one should only wear gold, silver, and diamond jewelry and that too oxidized jewelry.

Get your daith piercing done today and don’t forget to follow these necessary tips to have irritation and infection-free piercing.

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