9 Fun Things to Do This Weekend

“Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.” -Author Unknown

After spending hours and days of hard work, we all seek a break of all these responsibilities. It may be good sleep, a coffee with your friends, or a day with your family; we are more than willing to grab even a brief escape of this hectic reality. If you are dying for some activities, here are the perfect tips for you.

1. Cook a meal

Instead of spending on expensive restaurants, you may invite your partner, friends, or your family to come over and create dishes you would like to make and enjoy. You can visit the nearest market and personally decide on ingredients you would want to use without worrying if your chosen menu wouldn’t be available. You can improvise the recipe and even cost less. It’s not only the money you have saved but also kept a good relationship with your loved ones.

2. Check out a restaurant

If cooking is not your forte, then be the God of tongue amongst the food hubs out there.  You may try visiting newly established stalls at your nearest malls or go to a restaurant you yearned to visit. May it be far or close to you try it! This activity is perfect if you are fond of “restaurant hopping.”

3. Go to the park

Instead of playing games on our gadgets, why don’t we play for real? If your home is near a park or an amusement park, you may take a friend, your lover, or your family for a trip there. Play games with your kids, stroll the park, have a picnic, have an outdoor exercise or get to know some people. It is always fun to spend your weekends out from the usual.

4. A Barbecue Night Party in your backyard

Food is better enjoyed when you are with someone else. Together with fine wine and sweet meat, you may make some adorable s’mores and prepare campfire or backyard games for your guests.

5. Go to a museum or zoo

They say that learning never ends, and so experience is learning. If you are fond of learning about almost everything, you may start loving facts about your community. You can decide on which museum to visit depending on their admission, or you may be lucky to visit museums that offer free access.

If you love to enjoy animals and discover their nature, then, a trip to the zoo is right for you.  Nothing is more amusing than meeting creatures we don’t encounter every day. You may bring snacks with you like the food inside the zoo may be costly.

6. Go to the beach

Aside from the beautiful, sandy shores and the soothing ocean breeze, spending the weekend on the beach can help you reduce stress.  According to Dr. Richard Shuster, a clinical psychologist, the sound of the waves as it crashes and recedes can promote the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system which slows us down and provides us with relaxation. Ready for some relaxation? Plan a beach vacation this weekend.

7. Go to malls

A mall is a massive place with various activities to choose. You may want to play in the arcade, do some shopping, or visit a salon or massage spa for pampering. It would be great to reward yourself after hard work, but do it moderately and not to the point where you will lose all the money you have earned.

8. Paint together

How well do you know your loved ones? You may know and understand them well after this activity. You may find it amusing how your folks can be creative and inspiring too. And if you find yourself hopeless due to your poor skills, then start by painting a side of their face and commence a paint battle!

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Everyone wants tranquility. We are not born to exhaust ourselves with workloads but tire our souls with happiness and peace.


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