5 Decor Elements Every Home Should Have

“The ache for a home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” –Maya Angelou

It has been said that the way someone decorates their home says a lot about who they are. How you choose your decors and home accents would give visitors an insight into your personal preference and taste—but apart from that, there are subtle hints of who you are in them. In this regard, homeowners should endeavor to inject some personality into whatever design element and aspect they might incorporate into their homes.

However, regardless of what your taste and preference in design might be, there are certain items that every home requires. These items (albeit a little different for everyone in one aspect or another) would all universally make every home infinitely more livable and distinct. Whether you live in a unit in Makati condo or elsewhere, here are some of the certain items every home should have:

  1. A splurge

With most online articles proclaiming how homeowners should stick to a budget in their home decorating endeavors, reading one that allows you a splurge is a welcome change. However, this is not to say that you can arbitrarily buy decor items here and there. You still have to ensure that what you buy makes sense for your budget after all.

  1. Something modest

Even if your budget permits it, constantly splurging on your home is not practical. Not only would you end up with an ostentatious home, but you would potentially miss out on major home renovations by stretching your budget too thin. After all, if you wish to make a real splurge, you have to go for something basic that would not take up a huge chunk of your budget as well.

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  1. Black and white art

Give your homes a touch of sophistication and subdued elegance by incorporating black and white art. Modern painted canvass, a classic piece of black and white photography or a monochrome element that extends the color palette to both extremes would all make a great addition to your homes. Give your homes this timeless touch to add an air of maturity all over.

  1. Wood elements

If you want immediate warmth and depth, include wood elements in your home such as a wooden table or a wooden side stool. Apart from adding depth and warmth to a home, it also gives your home a sense of life. Furthermore, adding wood accents would give any homes a rustic and natural touch that would make it irresistibly charming and beautiful.

  1. Element of sparkle

The definition of sparkle differs for everyone, but for the purpose of this article, sparkle should be construed to mean as great lighting. Great lighting can significantly impact the overall feel of a home and would definitely reinforce your home’s aesthetic touch. Furthermore, good lighting makes all the difference between a dull-looking home and creating a home with a photo-ready finishing touch. If you wish to give your homes that aesthetic and elegant touch, make one of your home splurges the element of sparkle.

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