THE ETHICS OF AI: Examining the Opportunities and Risks of Machine Learning

Society is going through a transformation because of Artificial intelligence and machine learning which will come in the upcoming decades. This transformation will put a huge image upon the ethics of society, as these new technologies are both improving & disrupting human lives. AI ethics are becoming a problem in a few cases now. In this article, we will present opportunities for AI & ethics:


 Any technology deals with work where it checks whether it is performing work as promised or not. When you write detailed content which requires reducing a manufacturer’s responsibility. The question of technical safety & failure is related to its functioning which might be used for good or evil.


First, you have to get an analysis that depends on ethical analysis in this way you can begin evaluation. It turns out machine learning techniques like deep learning in several networks how machines make choices. In some other cases, when machines can explain something, but sometimes complex for human beings to understand.

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So power affects a lot as an additional point where they can have privacy.


Like many other technologies, the main purpose of AI is to help people lead longer or more fulfilling lives. Additional intelligence can provide improvements in almost all fields of human life like data analytics, education, efficiency, etc. One example of Al benefits is to form equipment identification.


It is a perfectly well-functioning technology, such as a nuclear weapon that can be put to its intended use. AI like human intelligence can be used maliciously without any doubt. We should remember that competition & war are always primary drivers of technological advancements.


It is stated that AI can become a threat to certain categories of jobs. AI will extend this trend to more fields like the ways which are traditionally for example medicine, law, and education. The main concern is to check employment rates for how humanity is spending time to make life well-spent.


When prices decrease due to a lower rate of production, AI controllers will also like to rake in money that will otherwise give to the wages of unemployed economic inequality. This can also affect international economic disturbance. Which is a threat to less-developed nations.

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One suggestion to solve this problem is universal basic income(UBI), which requires restructuring of national economics. This is a political issue, not a technical one.


Machine learning models require various amounts of energy to train, the energy that costs can run out into millions of dollars. Machine learning can also make electrical distribution & can be used much more efficiently. AI in a few basic ways focuses efficiently in one way.


One strength of AI is that it can automate decision-making, which lowers the burden on humans. AI agents are given more strength to make decisions, they will need to have ethical decision-making. This is due to the faster nature of AI which runs faster than humans. Since AI can be so powerful, the ethical standards we give to it had better be good.


Morally speaking, we can check that technologies will attempt to make the most human-like AIs & robots possible. If future humans do conclude AIs & robots might be worthy of moral status. In other words, no matter the status of AIs and robots, for the sake of our moral character we ought to treat them well.

  • AI-powered Addiction

Smartphone app makers have turned addiction into a science, and Al-powered video games and apps can be addictive like drugs. AI can exploit numerous human desires & weaknesses which includes purpose-seeking , greed or violence etc.


There are more issues in the ethics of AI; here we have checked major ones. New technologies are always created for the sake of something good —& AI offers us amazing new abilities to help people and make the world a better place to live.

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