10 Best AI Applications you need to know about

While we talk about artificial intelligence, there are a lot of its examples that can be found in our everyday life. The use of artificial intelligence is not new, but we can see that there are so many activities that are used for AI and you can see this development.

In this article, you will come to know about what artificial intelligence is, how it works, and what are fascinating applications of artificial intelligence used in everyday life. Let’s discuss this all.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence that is shown by machines like computers, smartphones, software, etc as compared to natural intelligence presented by humans & animals.  AI defines the study of field deals with intelligent agents. It is related to the system which can understand environmental actions & chances to achieve the goal. This definition of AI has been challenged by many AI researchers who can describe this term, which does not limit how intelligence can be articulated.

How does Artificial intelligence Work?

AI works with a combination of large data sets with intelligent algorithms to learn from these patterns. Every time an AI system tests & measures its performance. This work doesn’t need any rest because AI can work nonstop until the pack is fully completed. AI’s purpose is to build a type of computer system or they can use human-like thinking way as a process to complete different technologies.

10 fascinating examples of the Application of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is about machines that can talk and live like in science fiction movies. Artificial intelligence application is used as a part of daily people’s lives. These are basic examples of applications used for artificial intelligence.

  • Open Smartphone

The modern era has made most people use their cell phones after getting up from their beds. You are using an AI system whenever you open your cellphone.

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In this age of development in technology, it’s an easier task to open your mobile.  You only need to point one finger in front of your cell phone to unlock it. Apple Face ID and many other mobile use face locking systems.

  • Social Media

Social media apps are most frequently used by people on their cell phones. Social Media certainly applies AI to personalize each user’s feed. AI also provides different forms of recommendations.

  • Search Engine Performance

Google is the mostly used search engine tool that people are using in their everyday routine. Mostly, each search engine narrows down search results. These search engines will also personalize different ads that mostly appear when you are performing a search-based action on search history. Through this process, users can easily find things that they are looking for.

  • Email Sending

When you send emails, AI will also be applied to shift incoming messages to appropriate folders. When you write emails, AI will be applied to provide sentence suggestions or it can mark grammatical errors.

  • Map

When you view a map by using your cellphone like Google Maps, Al will be used to monitor traffic conditions. In this way, users can easily move when they are traveling because in this way they can avoid roads that have road traffic problems or jams because of several accidents.

  • Voice Assistant

Voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Cortana Are technologies that apply AI in their working process. Whenever you talk to a voice assistant, you can ask a few questions or give a command, this tool will use a natural language process with the help of AI- the power to execute each command.

  • Online shopping

Online shopping is getting popularity day by day. You can use e-commerce or marketplace for publishing your ads by typing desired search field. Here e-commerce or marketplace will use this AI tool for displaying product recommendations that are relevant to the search.

  • Entertainment Service

When you are using services for entertainment such as Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc, or many more, you will usually ally be given recommendations for music, movies, or series these will provide service-providing tools of AI.

  • Financial Service

In financial services, banks can use AI for several things related to their systems. Like when a user uses a credit card for shopping or to withdraw money like transactions, the customer will receive a digital notification of this transaction.

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AI will also help to identify any type of illegal transactions.

  • Video Games

AI is being used in almost all types of video games to improve the quality of gameplay. Non-playable characters also use AI to be able to move and interact with characters that are played by the user.


These are all fascinating examples of the application of Artificial Intelligence used in everyday life it helps to see different types of activities. Artificial intelligence is making human lives much easier by automating different tasks. AI is also replacing humans with robots to complete many works. This article will help you to understand this technology in a better way. 

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