Measuring the Success of your SEO Strategy

Measuring the Success of your SEO Strategy: KEY METRICS TO TRACK

Search engine optimization(SEO) is effective because you can track it. You can have a look at traffic ranking, orders, and SEO metrics to provide you with key insights into how you can search various strategies. SEO metrics can improve your existing plans. There are thousands of data points to check SEO tools. In this article, we will put light on the best SEO metrics to track.


SEO keeps on changing as Google constantly updates its algorithm. For this, you have to monitor key SEO metrics that ensure your site is healthy & properly optimized to create beneficial business production.

Top SEO Metrics to Track

SEO metrics are different, though Google changes its important algorithms. It’s important to keep an eye on metrics that will have a great impact. Here are the metrics you should track regularly.

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  • Refer new domains

In Google ranking factors backlinks are also important. Relevant backlinks in high-quality domains can boost your domain authority. According to Google, if a site is already linked to your domain they take it as a trustworthy authority. The second link from the same website contains a less valuable domain. If you want to increase organic traffic, the number of new referring domains should also increase. To monitor this metric make sure that your SEO strategy must be supportive.

  • Domain Rating

Domain rating is the actual score used by major SEO tools to check the overall SEO strength of a website. This score includes the quality of referring domains.  If you want to be shown at the top of search results, you should work to increase your Domain authority. These metrics show the authority of specific pages rather than highlighting the whole domain.

  • On-page Optimization Scores

This is a process of optimizing the contents of a page both for users & search engines. These tools help you to analyze a page to provide a score that reflects how well the page is optimized for SEO.

  • Impressions

Whenever Google shows your page in the search result, it is counted as an impression. Impressions show early responses about SEO campaign performance. Impressions are improved by the number of ranks.

Impressions are not like clicks. It is a record of how many specific pages from your site appeared in the SERP.

  • Keyword Ranking

Keyword rankings are a critical SEO metric to track. It offers an early signal about your SEO strategy is working. These rankings provide a view of your content about the market. 

When you are going to do keyword research, focus on both branded & non-branded search terms. Branded keywords represent customers who are ready to buy. Whereas, non-branded terms are important to influence customers in the stage of decision-making.

  • Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a key SEO metric that tells you whether your SEO efforts are delivering the foundations of a successful SEO program. 

You can’t assume EO-based conversion without organic traffic. If you are not getting traffic, it shows that something is not working and it needs to be reviewed. 

 You can monitor your organic traffic in Google Analytics. You can monitor it for desktop & mobile. In this way, you can assess the quality of your traffic.

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  • Page Index & Speed

In Google search pages you can see index pages. If your pages are not indexed you can’t get organic traffic. If your pages are duplicates or irrelevant, it can affect your overall site authority.

Secondly, Google also focused on user experience, related to fast-loading pages.

In this way, accelerating page speed leads to higher conversion rates.

  • Pages per Visit

The average number of pages per visit offers a metric to see your ability to move users. If people visit one page and then leave, you miss an opportunity to convert them. Getting more traffic is the first step & the next way is to engage them and keep them interested in your content.


Many tools are used to measure the top SEO metrics. You can use different Google Analytics to track metrics like organic search traffic, pages per visit, and bounce rate. Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush help you to stay at top of new domains which are mostly preferred.

Summary: SEO Metrics

SEO is becoming more & more complicated, and measuring success has become harder as well.  You can’t rely on individual metrics to describe the whole SEO effort. Instead, you need to track multiple metrics that cover everything from backlinks & rankings to engagement & conversions.

All metrics which are discussed above will give you a comprehensive overview of SEO efforts.  If you’re ready to get a more accurate idea of how your SEO efforts are impacting your business, you’ll have to spend some time to determine which metrics are more important to achieve your goals.

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