Best Link Building Strategy to Rank Faster this year

While you talk about SEO strategy, backlinks play an important part in it. With time backlinks may disappear, or become less relevant. This indicates that you have to search for new backlink opportunities to raise your search ranking.


SEO backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites to your pages. They play a role as a component in Google’s PageRank algorithm.

Here we will discuss basic link-building strategies to make Search engine optimization( SEO) more effective:


You can get a view of your competitors’ links. How they are creating backlinks on sites that are most relevant to your niche. So it indicates the quality of their backlinks. 

There are both paid & free tools that help you to analyze backlinks of your competitor’s profile.  

 You can keep an eye on these backlink pages through the most powerful methods, and then visit these sites to check further links with your sites. First, you can check to see if you already have a backlink or not.

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In this process, you can check backlinks that lead to 404 pages with different sites. It is a great way to get backlinks from your competitors’ sites to yours. It’s a great way to get backlinks while you offer value to the site giving you a backlink.  You can use two ways for this purpose.

  • Find broken backlinks from your competitors 
  • You can then analyze websites from which you want to get backlinks 

When you are going to get new backlinks, you can also spend your time figuring out which of your previous backlinks are broken or going to be missed. There are many reasons why these links disappeared. 

To restore your missing backlink, you will need to contact the site owner. You can replace your link with another page if you have missed an earlier one.  You can restore data from their pages.


We all know that images grab the attention of spectators as they usually click on them. It’s important to create images & promote them to attract more backlinks.

If you use images as backlinks, make sure to link points to the broader page. If your backlinks lead to images, you can set up filters in your SEO tool to see targeted images. If you want to see your images you can do Google images search.


Guest posting boosts your brand in front of a new audience. If you add a link to your website, it is also called an SEO strategy. They can also check the right opportunity to get your guest post published.


Consider joining some relevant Facebook Groups, joining conversations, or sharing relevant links. Here you have to share information that is helpful for the people in the community. You have to join an online community member’s post. You might come to discuss a topic related to your business.

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Link building Tools

Many tools are used for link building. Each of these can be used to get content ideas & link-building opportunities.

A few of these are:

  • Ahrefs: It’s a powerful tool used in the SEO industry. From content ideas to backlink profiles this tool is one of the best .
  • BuzzSumo: It’s a great perspective tool that can be used to enable you to build a list of blogs or authors.
  • SeMrush: SemRush has a reputation for being the top SEO tool. It also gives competitive information like paid or organic keywords.


An SEO strategy without a link is not complete. Links are essential for the success of SEO. It’s an important factor for ranking Google and other search engines. You can use all above tips to boost your linking strategies. You can also create a link building plan that can push your brand towards the next level.

You can take an SEO assessment to see yourself and to see your SEO strategy. Here you can easily get your SEO practices to the next level.


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