How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search

Voice search is getting more popular day by day, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for this type of search. We are going to discuss how to optimize your website for voice search. We’ll discuss basic ways and different tips that are going to help you in the future. You can use these tips for your business growth.

What is voice search Optimization?

In voice search optimization you can upgrade information on your page. Voice search optimization aims to optimize your page for answering questions people. In this process, you can use a voice search device to read your page. It is opened whenever a user asks to get information.  Through statistical results you can check how crucial is voice search optimization:

  • 58% of consumers are using voice search to get information about local online businesses. 
  • 27% of Google’s population is using this device through their mobiles.
  • 75% of voice search results are ranking in the top three positions for a certain desktop search. 
  • 56% of voice searches were performed to look for something new on the internet.

What is the importance of Voice Search?

There is no denying the fact that voice search is getting a position. According to a survey, 58% of consumers are using voice search to find information about a local online business.  It’s a huge amount, as it is getting more important to get optimization at your website for voice search today.

Here are a few steps to make your website more voice search friendly:

  1. It is important to make your website mobile friendly. Most people are using voice search on their mobiles. So your website should give responses and easy access for navigation on smaller screens.
  2. Long-tail keywords are also essential to be used. Voice search aims to answer specific questions, long – tail keywords will help you to target different queries.
  3. Your content must be accurate and up-to-date. You should avoid different complaints regarding voice search results. Make your website’s content accurate & up-to-date.

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Keyword Research

Voice search can get quick and immediate results, with the help of knowledge graphs. Keyword selection is important because having a high domain rating is also crucial.

9 Strategies for Voice Search Optimization

  1. Long-tail keywords

  2. Schema Markup

  3. FAQ Section

  4. Detailed content

  5. Fast website

  6. Mobile friendly website

  7. Local SEO techniques

  8. Multilingual SEO

  9. Microdata

  • Long-tail keywords

People usually ask entire questions while using voice search devices. Like hi! How do I optimize my website for search engine optimization? People mostly prefer to go with the short walk keywords to see what Google has to offer. 

Voice searches have made it easy to search their long-tail questions in a short time. Voice search devices are accurate and help to analyze 60% of people. You should add keywords like how, what, where, etc. Long-tail keywords make more sense for voice searches. So you can put conversational content that will resemble the language people use while using voice assistants.

  • Schema Markup

Schema is designed to help search engines make a sense of your content. The purpose of schema markup is to make your site approachable to search engines because it gives a complete picture of your intent. If you use this strategy, you help the search engines to indicate relevance.

  • FAQ Section

The AQ section is crucial for voice search optimization. You could use this strategy on your pages that give attention to all related questions to your target keyword. In a conversational tone, you can answer all these questions. Your website must be in technical sound.

  • Detailed Content

Relevance is another crucial device for voice search. Create a customer persona and use it to dig deeper inside your content. You can use headlines on your website that will cover most of the common questions. After this y you can give a detailed answer to the keyword. You can also provide every point of the searcher.

  • Fast Website

Fast loading speed is also important for voice search. It directly impacts the increasing rate and needs to be optimized. You can realize that the searcher needs quick answers. Its entire purpose is to Optimize your website with fast loading.

  • Mobile friendly Website

The mobile experience is also important for the growth of your website in terms of SEO. In the latest research, Google has announced how mobile experience directly impacts the rank of a website. Make sure that your website passes the mobile-friendly test.

  • Local SEO techniques

Local SEO is the process through which you can optimize your website in local search results. You would be amazed to know that 46% of Google searches are meant for local queries.

  • Multilingual SEO

Google can recognize about 120 different languages for voice search. It can make ranking more challenging. In this case, you can use multilingual SEO to pay more attention to voice search.

Multilingual SEO is important because people tend to use their native language. If you are not optimized to handle different languages it can’t get traffic on your website.

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  • Microdata

To make your website more appealing it’s important to submit your Google Business information having details of the prices of your product, location directions, your content information, etc. You can use microdata as a helper for this purpose. You can add markups to enhance your website’s microdata. In this way, you can increase the chances that Google can use it to give answers to your voice search queries.


Voice searches are important to find information on the internet. This trend is becoming popular, so it’s important to optimize your website for voice search.

There are few steps & strategies you can do to optimize your website research. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to optimize your website and reap the benefits of this growing trend.

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