Leveraging User-Generated Content For your Brand

It’s a challenging task to give marketing control to customers. Some customers deal happily and love to share their positive experiences. User-generated content ( UGC) performs better than customer reviews. It normally exceeds tutorial-making related to a product or picture publishing. Before we get a look at UGC there are a few statistics to follow:

  • According to 90% of consumer research, UGU puts more influence on their buying decisions than other content
  • 92% of consumers trust a recommended person.
  • 48% of customers present user-generated content as a way to discover more products.
  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews.

In the 21st century marketers are mostly using user-generated content. People can easily approach views about daily consumers who use products. Besides this, they can also share their bad experiences related to the best companies.


 With the start of the 21st century, our society & media both are getting more decentralized, especially on social media. UGU allows other people to talk about your brand and deals with operational benefits. You can check it in detail:

  • Next level Authenticity

When a person achieves more success with a brand their praise gets less genuine. As a company employee, I go to great lengths to sell. On the other hand, nothing is more authentic than the voice of a customer. Because these customers spend time using the product. For this reason, the company puts weight on what their fellow customers have to show.

  • Trust Signal

After talking about the authenticity of user-generated content, which shows that other people are using your products. While few of them love to choose the latest thing present in the market. They always choose trusted products. It is related to personal care items but sometimes small food items don’t get the right position.

  • Cost- Effective

If you are not creating content by yourself you are not investing money in content creation. You are just paying distribution costs besides other ones. Some tools like GMB or other review sites cost nothing. You can get several UGU to repeat business which costs you a bit high. But you can withdraw a great return.

  • Conversions Increase

In extra business few people contribute to user-generated content. Its common example is Amazon, where anyone can post product reviews. Other types of e-commerce sites also do this.

  • Creative Content

Creativity is not limited to internal content creation networks. If there is more creativity in users’ staff their job is dependent on the company’s complete performance.

On the other hand, end-users don’t view your products; which can lead to benefits for users. In both ways, users have different ideas than your internal team because of their differences.

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There are 5 types of User Generated Content Worth Using

If we talk about the importance of user-generated content, and another to leverage it for your company. For checking the power of UGU, you need to know about the available content.  Companies use many common options successfully.

  • Product Reviews

 Reviewing your products is the best way to leverage UGU. Most potential customers know about their products. You can post many reviews through posting links. For instance, you can get a variety of user types to get product reviews.

  • Testimonials

A short testimonial can go a long way in getting user reviews. The difference between product reviews & testimonials is that the former can discuss the pros and cons of your product. On the other hand, testimonials are a type of user-generated content that affects positively.

  • Videos

Few companies get it complicated to publish video content. You can shoot footage, edit videos and even add special effects. Few of these videos are non-editable and expected to be amateur. Users display your products by using videos that are easy to rep-publish on social media.

  •  Images

Images are another form of user-generated content. Especially when you are going to sell something which depends on its appearance. Like if it is related to fashion or home decoration, you can get plenty of examples. Images can be easily included on websites and product pages. Which are displayed on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

  • Hashtag Contests

You can create a Hashtag Contest to create user-generated content contracts with products or specific campaigns. For small brands, if it is a brand- specific it can work well. It also offers people to get some recognition.

Successful Examples of Brands Leveraging UGU to Inspire

There are many examples to talk about types & uses of user-generated content. These can teach you to leverage UGU, but also makes you able to find inspiring ways in the future. Here you can check a few other examples such as:


GoPro is introduced by surfers. This company helps other surfers by sharing their experiences. As waterproof cameras are short so the founder offers an opportunity. GoPro was able to create a large community even during pandemic days. In this way, people can upload pictures on social media and afterward can share their experiences.


It’s another activewear: it is related to working with sweat or getting fit. Lululemon runs a sweat life campaign, to encourage people to post their pictures in lululemon activewear. This campaign runs successfully to bring in a lot of money because people got to see the activewear in use, rather than on models.


Chipotle deals with labour storage & rising wages.  In this campaign, people are encouraged to work in a showcase. It’s a great place to work because it has great employees. This idea is widely spread on social media to get plenty of opportunities.

La Croix

It is another company to get wet to gather user-generated content. Here they can go out to meet customers. The company wants to approach young people who don’t want to drink a lot of soda but are also willing to get something besides water. In this era of health consciousness, this niche is getting more important. People from all walks of life can share their photos where this smaller company competes with bigger competitors.

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Glossier is also important and unique. It is a makeup brand that works out of a blog. Glossier about upcoming brands worth over a billion dollars. You can merge different ideas through women’s experiences. Which happens both on blogs and social media.  User-generated content deals with the brand itself.

Conclusive Remarks:

User- generated Content is a very effective tool for marketers to use, because customers like to hear more from their peers.  By leveraging UGU, most companies can increase brand awareness, sales, site visits and much more. You can follow many guidelines to ensure UGC reaches its full potential. You can follow these steps to move on.

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