How to Use AI Tool ChatGPT For Article Writing

While writing articles when we talk about ChatGPT it is an artificial chatbot that is used to accomplish the task. It helps to write essays or articles. There are many tactics to understand before deciding to use SEO content. The quality which should be used for ChatGPT is astounding.

To acknowledge all purposes of SEO ( search engine optimization). We will throw more light on its uses while writing articles in detail:

  • Role of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a form of large learning machine or Large Learning Model. Large learning Model which is an artificial intelligence medium that contains vast amounts of data to define what the next word in a sentence is. More data that is trained by ChatGPT the more kinds of tasks it can perform ( like essay or article writing).

These large learning tools can build more & new abilities. Like translating languages from English to French. They are designed to do many tasks with a wide range of knowledge that they can apply to many other domains.

It is just like human skills which they learn. For example, if a person learns the art of calligraphy he/she can apply this skill to complete a task. GPT works in the same way as a human brain contains general knowledge which can be applied to multiple tasks.

ChatGPT further works in a large language model which is called Instruct GPT, it takes different directions from humans and answers various complex questions. This makes it able to handle instructions & create an essay on any topic.

  • Things to Know About ChatGPT

ChatGPT is typically designed with a wide range of words so that it can write essays on different topics. There are a few restrictions before going to work according to an SEO project.

Sometimes ChatGPT is unreliable for creating accurate information. Because some models define which word should come after the previous sentence related to a given topic.

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  • Avoid Certain Kinds Of Content

ChatGPT is designed in such a way as to avoid certain content like graphic violence, immoral content, or that is harmful according to the rules or instructions.

  • ChatGPT Requires detail Instructions

Providing high-quality content ChatGPT requires detailed instructions to get more chances of being highly original with a certain point of view. It all depends on the level of work which it gives as an output.

It is also a kind of limitation to completing your task. As a test, whenever you copy any content the output is that multiple people posted it on Facebook.

So when you ask GPT about this same query it will provide you with a completely original essay that is followed by the same structure with the help of a machine. Here you will notice the same structure but with different words.

GPT is used to choose random words that should be the next word in an article. By giving it queries it can modify tasks as word twisters.

  • Invisible Watermarking

To create more interest in OpenAI research it has developed watermarking that will aid in the detection of content which is presented by ChatGPT. Watermarking which the researchers developed is based on cryptography. With the help of keywords, a document can be tested. This code can be in the form of how punctuation is used or how to choose a word.

  • Developing Evaluation Criteria

To keep research original and according to instructions output must be developed according to evaluation criteria. Here are a few of these:

  • Style: Flesch index readability checker or editor to get a unique way of style.
  • Uniqueness: to check plagiarism which makes it unique.
  • Grammar & Spelling: Copyright and Google Docs spell checkers.
  • Factuality: Manual fact-checking and rearrangement.

It also requires qualitative analysis. This system enables us to evaluate AI’s writing skills in the most efficient way to write articles.

   ChatGPT: A Tool for Content writers

ChatGPT is a tool that helps to write SEO content. This tool can help you to write relevant content quite interesting & valuable. You can start to work on research and can start the topic you are writing about.

This will make you understand people’s interests and what they want to read. You just have to select which word should be added to your article.

You can further check mistakes by using different tools. It can save you time while you can generate new ideas for your content.

Improves your Writing ability & productive qualities

By using ChatGPT you can create new ideas, and it can improve your writing abilities. It also allows you to focus on the productive qualities of your content. It further helps you to make your content more suggestive and informative.

Helps you Target Audience to improve SEO

Through your content you can build more interest towards your content. ChatGPT allows you to choose specific type of audience to reach at your work. Keywords which you use in your content are recommended by ChatGPT.

It all can increase traffic to your website because relevant topics are added in your niche. It encourages people to visit your site and read your content.

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Makes your article more shareable

ChatGPT makes your article more valuable and worthy to be read. ChatGPT suggests more popular & relevant topics on social media. To encourage you by sharing your content to your followers.


As you have gone through this tool how it works effectively for content writing. Free version of ChatGPT has all necessary features to write totally SEO- friendly article in just few minutes. Paid version is also filled with additional features.

By using ChatGPT, you can write your article quickly and easily without any worry.

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