How to Write SEO Friendly On Page Content

When we are going to write any piece of content, SEO plays a role of radar. Our utmost wish is to make our content more appreciable for visitors through attractive content. For this you have to implement certain techniques and tips.

In this post, we’ll cover ten SEO content writing tips for improving search ranks. We also tossed in a few bonus tips to take your account writing to the next level. Let’s go into detail of it:

Write an Enticing Page Title and Description

We have to look at search engines to knock off other things. The goal of SEO content writing is to get search engine traffic. This means searchers need to click. For this you have to write irresistible page titles and descriptions. 

Tips for Page Titles:

  • Mention your target as early as possible. For searchers scanning a SERP, this  creates attention to your result.
  • You have to put a description about what the user will get when they click. Don’t beat about the bush. Stay straightforward to save your time and to capture more audience.
  • Use emotion driving words in your content writing E.G easy, awesome, simple ETC. It develops interest in your content.

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For page descriptions:

  •  Here again you have to mention your target keyword right off the bat. This establishes an idea about your contents aligns with how much interest in search engines.
  • Directly add target addresses to catch the audience directly. You know the purpose of your writing. So try the result specifically for them.
  • If it is possible then use emotion symbols. Page description gives you room to work with, so it shouldn’t be hard to throw in emotion drivers . 

Use Headings & Subheadings

It’s a long way to use headings and subheadings. Because they break up your content. When visitors read content from a screen you have to keep your page light. Its meaning is to avoid walls of text. Here you can also inject SEO juice into your content by mentioning target keywords. This is called good on- page SEO practice. 

If your target keyword doesn’t make sense in heading or subheading, scrap it. 

Use Internal & External Links 

If you want to add credibility to your content and to boost your SEO content ,you have to link to other resources. If you’re sharing stats in your content, links provide a source. It improves user experience. 

Tip: You can use authority websites when linking to other pages. These sites are linked to their own relevant content throughout blog posts.

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Answer User Search Intention

When searchers ask questions and look for solutions, you can provide the answer. In this context you have to reply as rapidly as you can. Once you’ve done that, then you can elaborate. In other ways you can have a subscriber base retiring regularly. For this type of content, you can take your time for a long period. 

Use of URL

A simple URL gives searchers instant recognition. Google also prefers simple URLS . You have to use your target keywords as your URL . Writing SEO – friendly URLS is straightforward, so you don’t have to miss this quick win . 

Use Bullet Lists 

When you have a long paragraph that’s a goldmine of information _transform it into a bullet list . You might even be able to get away with using your target keyword in a unique way. 

Use  Call–to-Action

For writing any content , your aim is to create action . If you are creating a blog , landing page or any homepage it’s visitors who take the next step. Here a call for action takes place . Here Dwell time is the amount of time visitors spend on your site before returning to the search engine . Where search engines use dwell time as an indicator for content quality . 

Use shorter Sentences

Shorter Sentences keep visitors reading . It makes your content easy to digest and go through with it . This tip can make you sure to introduce short sentences on your company blog . 

 SEO Content Writing Bonus Tips 

Here comes content writing bonus tips . These can be easily applicable . Nonetheless, make sure you’re boosting SEO performance with them . 

You can follow these tips to create quality content for SEO. With the help of these search engines you can work smartly. This ensures you to maximize organic visitor traffic to your site with the on- page SEO.


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