The Latest SEO Trends – It is what you need to know in 2022

Google and website visitors’ expectations change from year to year. If you wish to remain competitive for top search engine rankings, you must be aware of current industry news and developments. Long ago, specialists began studying how digital marketing will evolve in the following months. Today, we will examine positioning trends. How can the website be optimized for Google’s indexing? Learn what’s new in SEO in 2022 by reading the information provided below.


The SEO sector is always changing. Which  allowed websites to obtain high visibility in search results a few months ago may soon no longer positively influence the crawling of websites. In 2022, investing in SEO operations will be essential for the growth of your web-based brand, therefore we will now focus on what is ahead.

Positioning might be considered not just a need, but also a priority. It ensures the website’s presence in search engines, allowing you to reach your audience and potential consumers more effectively. Therefore, let’s examine SEO trends for 2022 in order to avoid being startled, keep up with the competition, and achieve top Google rankings.

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We can anticipate the debut or development of various new items in the SEO market. Changes will primarily affect the operation of Goggle-box and how network users search for content. The search engine is continually altering its algorithms and ranking factors, so this is actually not surprising. The following is a subjective analysis of upcoming positioning trends.

  1. First of all, the quality of the content

Although this may not seem to be a cutting edge statement, valuable content on websites has a huge impact on your position in search results. In 2022, the quality and uniqueness of published materials should be translated into their quantity. This is a continuation of the trend that appeared in 2018 with an update called “Medical Update”.

  • E – Expertise
  • A – Authoritativeness
  • T – Trustworthiness (Credibility / Trust).

According to the system, website material must be prepared in a particular manner. First and foremost, it must be based on professional knowledge and reputable sources, inspire the faith of users and search engines, be original, and be created by or with the assistance of professionals. The EAT makes it possible to determine if a website contains SEO-compliant and user-beneficial content.

  1. SEO – key network indicators

You must realize that keyword optimization and link building are no longer the primary ways to rank highly in search engines. Despite the fact that SEO is still dependent on on-site and off-site operations, indexing is now influenced by a great deal more aspects. We are already aware that in 2022, UX will have an entirely new meaning as a result of recent algorithmic developments.

Currently, one of the most important ranking elements is the website’s quality. This is the result of Google’s Page Experience change, among other factors. Core Veb Vitals, a set of indicators that assess page loading speed from the user’s perspective, is its most vital component. The 2021 modification concerned mobile devices. In the early months of 2022, between February and March, it will also be implemented on desktop PCs.

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Google integrates fundamental web metrics with various variables that affect the user experience on a website. SXO, the blend of user experience and search engine optimization, will be crucial in 2022. The website should be optimized so that it satisfies the recommendations of Core Web Vitals and is mobile-friendly (responsive), secure (https protocol), readable, and easy to use for user-friendly positioning (no full-screen ads).

  1. Voice search, i.e. Google wants to talk to you

Voice search technology has progressed significantly because to new solutions such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Along with its continual growth, its popularity also increased. According to analyses, even 58% of buyers utilize this choice to research local businesses.

Google is currently in the process of converting its algorithms to voice-based technology. However, the company has already presented LAMDA, a dialogue-specific machine learning model. In the future months and years, there will be an increase in artificial intelligence models that employ conversational searches to locate and rank web pages. How can one prepare?

The increasing significance of voice search necessitates a focus on conversational marketing for firms and marketers engaged in SEO initiatives. It relies on the translation of written content into natural language. This type of material is structured less formally and lays less attention on keywords. In this instance, for instance, long-tail sentences are preferable.

Notably, the aforementioned technological breakthrough will not only play a significant part in 2022, but may eventually replace the conventional and now recognized search methods.

  1. Content video is the future of SEO

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of promotional communication for businesses. This is supported by several figures, both from the standpoint of customers – as many as 85 percent of individuals would like to watch more videos from brands – and businesses – 86 percent of businesses already utilize visual marketing materials. However, the SEO value of video content has only lately been acknowledged. Next year, though, its significance will increase.

And this is due to the fact that video marketing is an effective method for collecting traffic and creating leads. It is primarily used to increase user engagement and content consumption. To boost the visibility of films in Google’s search engine, it is important to pay attention to two recently added structured data kinds.

Clip tags and search tags enable the creation of timestamps and labels for YouTube and website content. These two seemingly insignificant modifications will make videos a significant ranking factor for websites.

  1. Automation in SEO activities

Not wanting to fall behind the competition? Then, in 2022, you must take advantage of contemporary technology’s benefits and automate SEO activities. This consists of data analysis tools, all technological audits, and tools that allow you to compare yourself to other market participants. Although these enhancements already play a significant role in SEO, they will soon be required.

The purpose of automation is to reduce the amount of time between data collection and subsequent action. Advanced SEO technologies are capable of simultaneously processing vast amounts of data. In addition, they are incredibly precise and may identify faults and errors that can be corrected instantly.

Automation in SEO activities should be used at various levels. Works in:

  • monitoring and finding anomalies, e.g. in SERP results
  • manual SEO, e.g. for advanced keyword intent research
  • automatic actions, e.g. in the case of large and multiple site audits

SEO activities in 2022 – predictions

The preceding section outlined the most significant SEO trends for 2022. However, this does not account for all the upcoming marketing news in the following months. At that time, both Google’s algorithms and the factors impacting search engine rankings will change. If you want to prepare the right strategy, pay attention to the other trends:

  • Increasing the importance of social listening – monitoring social media service, i.e. tracking customer opinions, mentions about the company, discussions and taking action in this area.
  • SEO integration with paid search and digital technology – in 2022, in order to gain greater visibility of the website on Google and high positions in search results, positioning should be supported through paid activities and vice versa. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and off- and on-site optimization must be closely aligned to meet your business goals. Additionally, SEO efforts should become the focal point of any digital campaign.
  • User intention is the key to success – content that better relates to the query will get a higher position in the search results. Semantic search will gain in importance. All because of MUM, an artificial intelligence model that can understand feelings and context to provide unique and user-relevant answers. Therefore, long tail phrases or image, audio and video optimization may turn out to be particularly important.
  • Greater role of accessibility – being able to be seen and found by all. It requires that the content, offer and other elements of the website are accessible to every user, including people with visual impairments or other disabilities.
  • Even more analytics – search data is a source of essential business knowledge. They provide information on consumer behavior, digital innovations or trends in content creation. Therefore, the collected and analyzed SEO data can give marketers a broad insight into the consumer, and this will allow them to create effective marketing strategies.

As you can see SEO is changing and evolving. If you want to rank high in search results, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest changes, updates and future trends. With our guide, you can effectively prepare for the coming months.

The latest SEO trends - It is what you need to know in 2022

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