How to Launch an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaign can help you to get more traffic, to improve your brand advertisement, to attract more buyers.

Handling digital marketing campaign is a difficult and complex process. But there are dozens of different platforms and different strategies which you can use.

Campaigning is a complete process which gives you a chance of getting success across the board.  It all depends on working plan with step by step digital strategies.

Firstly we will discuss about digital marketing campaign how it works?


A digital marketing campaign is basically a struggle for online marketing effort that keeps on working at specific goal. It surely increase brand awareness, more public traffic, improves links between buyers & sellers or more.

The purpose of planning out digital marketing campaign helps you to achieve your specific goal. Putting together a successful online marketing campaign can vary to work hard to find a good output. It deals with a chart of network marketing through which it becomes easy to achieve that desired height.

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There are many steps to follow while you start an online marketing campaign:

  1. Market goals setup

  2. Identification of target market

  3. Topic research

  4. Competitive analysis

  5. Delivery channel selection &budgets

  6. Content assets

  7. Pilot campaigns

  8. Performance analysis and monitoring

  9. Profitable activities

  10. Remarketing campaigns setup

1- Market goals setup

The first thing you need to do is to setup your market goals and to figure out the purpose of running digital marketing. You can choose one goal at a time to handle it in a better way.

There are a vast number of different types of goals, to pass brand awareness, increased amount of sale , which later on leads towards social follower growth .

It’s a easy way to get new subscribers list via email and to know their awareness about your brand. Here are few goals which you can also attain:

  • Get 5 mentions from major websites to improve awareness.
  • Increase number of engine traffic in a month or so.
  • You can double the range of social media followers by the end of 2022.
  • In our e-commerce you can abandon strength to improve sales.

You can run online marketing campaigns as much as you want. You can also refine your digital marketing strategy.

2- Identification of target market

Before starting up your campaign it’s important to know about your audience. Their exact numbering and target to achieve.

One of the best ways to do this task is to create what’s called a buyer or costumer persona. It can include information like:

  • Purpose of living
  • Earning of money
  • Their family situation
  • Age
  • Hobbies

During creating costumer persona you can also add:

  • Their visit on other online websites & types.
  • Their goals while visiting your website.
  • Their desires and precautions regarding selection.

One of the best sources of this will be Google analytics. It can be used to check traffic at your website.

All this procedure can be done and combined into a document, you can add images to get easy excess of this person.

3- Topic research

By now you should have a clear idea of your ideal result and the type of people you want to target at your website. You should do keyword research to uncover topics and keywords that your readers want to hear about.

Keyword research can help you in all ways no matter whether you are creating an SEO, PPC, email, Facebook or any other campaign. The main purpose of keyword research is to put yourself in your costumer’s shoes and to notice keywords they will be typing into Google or at any other platform. For this you can find SEO keywords and phrases having decent volume.

PPC keyword research

When you run PPC ads you pay, whenever a visitor clicks on your ad or visit your website. So the purpose should be to keep your cost per click low, while you reach at solid amount of people. For example, you can include your target keywords in your headline.

  1. Competitive analysis

While creating set up for your campaign you need to get understanding of your costumer, and what your competitors are doing. These things can help you better to plan a better campaign which leads towards its success.

When you get a good command on all these features you can come closer to a greater chance of your campaign succeeding.

You can also use tools like BUZZSUMO, and even a simple Google search to find out popularity of your space. If you are going to run a Facebook ad campaign there’s a tool you can use which is called Facebook library ads. This allows you to search through ads related to your niche with successful past.

5- Delivery channel selection & budgets

As you start to create digital marketing campaigns you will come across wide range of digital channels. You can use one or two channels to fulfil this task.

Like if you have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in social media. You can have Google ads, content marketing, onsite and off-site SEO, email marketing and a lot more.

If your goal is to increase your email subscribers by 500 in one month there are many kind of tactics you can use to achieve that goal.

  • Test different kind of form copy including pop-ups.
  • By including people at your list you can optimize your existing content.
  • Create such kind of email newsletters to boost your traffic.
  • Share links of your blog’s via social media profiles.

For any digital marketing campaign you’re running you need to come up with a specific budget. Digital advertising is the cheapest form of spreading ads, besides this you can use a budget. There is also a form of paid advertising.

Your budget needs to take into account, anything you’ll be spending within your company. For this you’ll be using to create creative materials or you can manage your campaigns.

6- Content assets

You need to create different content assets depending on the campaign you’re running. Here are few examples:

  • You will post a series of blog posts, to grow organic search engine traffic.
  • If you are running Facebook or Instagram ads, you’ll need to create attractive materials.
  • You have to create and publish a series of videos for executing a video marketing campaign.

Some content assets, like blog posts, and videos are static once you create them. In this way your target audience will stay relatively the same, while your ad creation will involve other market response.

7- Pilot campaigns

If you are running advertising campaigns or paid campaigns, you’ll have to run test campaigns first.

With the help of test campaigns, you can start your work with small budget. For example, when you’re creating ads you could test different headlines, useful images, body copy, CTA and much more.

But if you’re doing paid advertising, even something as small as $1-10 per day. It will give you enough data to work with, if you run it for whole month.

You can check instant feedback and reaction of your audience at your articles in comments section, social media shares and promotions through email list.

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8- Performance analysis & monitoring

With digital marketing campaigns, there’s no shortage of data available. You will be able to find all kinds of data. For example, you can use third -party tools for website statistics and more. You have to keep an eye upon your goals. When you’ll figure out all numbers what’s working and what isn’t, so you can take a better action.

There’s a good chance that a lot of your digital marketing campaigns won’t generate positive results. However, inspire of losing heart, look at conducting campaigns to find out new ways of working.

9- Profitable activities

Once you’ve been able to see which campaign is generating the best results, it’s time to double down. It’s a time when you came to know about your money spending, rather not to waste money on certain activities.

You can use data to further refine your campaigns. And here you’ll reach at the point when your campaigns are being optimized. It’s the main point of achievement remember this.

10- Remarketing campaign setup

Digital marketing should be used in setting up your campaign. Remarketing is the process of running ads to visitors who have already visited your website. These ads will appear whenever your visitor appears online including watching YouTube videos, reading a blog, using social media or browsing websites. This process allows you to increase more sales than you otherwise would have missed out on. You can target your customers with the help of different ads. The most common are Facebook ads and Google ads.

Remarketing campaigns helps you to run and stay connected to conversation holes. You can also get new traffic you’re generating for your website.


You have read all different techniques and tools to setup new Digital marketing through campaigns. But it all begins with your choice about right marketing goals. Make sure your goals can be tied to data.

A strong digital marketing strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. While it’s cheaper than traditional marketing methods.  Each marketing campaign you launch is known as a touch -point of your business. The last thing you need is a glitches of campaign which portrays an unprofessional message.


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