6 Beautiful Islands to Visit in Maldives

6 Beautiful Islands to Visit in Maldives

I want to tell you a story: how I fell in love with this corner of paradise called the Maldives.

Before visiting them I had always thought that these islands belonged to the kind of vacation that did not suit my being a traveler very much: I feared that my desire to explore might feel limited on an island.

In 2022 I set foot in the Maldives for the first time with my family, finally understanding what made these islands such a special destination: it is as if they were in a parallel and surreal space-time, where everything stops and slows down, to leave. The step to the unique feeling of being forgotten by the rest of the world.

I list the 6 most beautiful islands of the Maldives, or rather the resorts that more than others have conquered me for their characteristics, management, and nature that surrounds them.


Located in the Laviyani atoll this resort, at the time of my visit entrusted to Italian management represented my first time in the Maldives: it is here that I fell in love with these islands and it is precisely on this atoll that I decided that my life should have somehow intertwined with this part of the ocean.

The island of Madhiriguraidhoo, located in the Lhaviyani atoll, is one of the largest in the Maldives: it is almost 2 km long and can only be reached by seaplane. It was precisely its size and its long stretch of sand equipped to reassure me that Clara too would have more opportunities for recreation in case of bad weather (in addition to the Kids club, even a simple bike ride could have represented an alternative).

For those like me who suffer a little from isolation, having a meeting point available not only for aperitif time but also during the whole day was not a trivial matter: the strip of sand of Palm Beach it is one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature I have ever seen and I could not help spending part of the day there, even though each villa had a small private beach in front of the front door.

I fell in love with almost every place I have visited; because I have always thought that traveling is not only a way to see but also a great opportunity for personal growth that very often teaches you to make yours even a place that is different from your canons. I fell in love with the Maldives despite my prejudices: it is in this ocean that I found what in my imagination has always seemed like an earthly paradise.


There are no resorts comparable to those of the Soneva group: what the Indian owners – Sonu and Eva – whose names also define that of the group, have created in Thailand and the Maldives is incredible because everything is linked to a very specific philosophy.

“No news, no shoes”. This slogan is something more than the writing on the shoe bag that will be delivered upon your arrival: it is the Soneva philosophy. The stay in this paradise will ensure that the mind and body are purified from the stress and bad diet that routine forces us to endure or imposes on us. Learning to enjoy every moment lived on the island will be a mission accomplished at the end of your holiday.

Children are welcome, free in full board up to 7 years old. The Den kids club dedicated to them was inaugurated about three years ago and consists of a saltwater swimming pool with a slide, a kitchen area, a music room complete with a battery, a make-up room, a sleeping room, and other play areas where you will find someone to welcome you at any time of the day.


This resort has kidnapped my heart: a recently opened structure, located on one of the southernmost atolls of the Maldives, with a splendid coral reef despite the deep lagoon, all topped off by a wide white beach … this is what makes the ‘Amari one of the best resorts in the Maldives.

Gaafu Dhalu Atoll, located about 400 km away from Male, can be reached in about 55 minutes by internal flight and 10 by fast boat.

The beach is beautiful: wider on the sunrise side, it is still present throughout the perimeter and well cared for, despite the resort’s tendency to leave nature as wild as possible. The vegetation is enchanting with real flower gardens located between the various paths that connect the dozens of structures on the island.


I admit that this resort is not for everyone, but as this is the list according to Souri Trip, for me it is not only necessary to enter it, but to secure it at least the top 5.

Reachable in 40 minutes by seaplane, it is truly a small corner of paradise, forgotten by the mass of those I love to call “tourists in the Maldives”: its lush vegetation, the barrier that surrounds the island and the sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue, the absence of overwater, make this place truly enchanted.

The coral reef surrounds the island and the variety of fish is incredibly wide. The lagoon with calm and crystalline waters contributes to the discovery in complete safety by little travelers: the only attention to be paid is relative to the presence of corals even in the areas close to the shore. The reef easily accessible from the shore makes it easy to explore the reef even if you should never underestimate the currents, especially if you are used to snorkeling with your children like us.

The structure is very basic: a few villas, a single restaurant, and Maldivian times to mark your days.

A fundamental aspect for those who intend to choose this resort as a structure in the Maldives: the Aaavee was not born for the families target, which is why you will not find any kids club and no particular attention to the little ones, if not a high availability and professionalism on the part of the staff.

Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort

Among the resorts that contacted me this year to be visited by Souri Trip, there was one that impressed me more than the others: The Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort.

The location a few kilometers away from the Amari Havodda meant that my attention level went up during a first evaluation; the respect for nature and the lack of construction intensity did the rest.


To describe this resort with technical data you have to wait for April 2020 (the date on which my visit to the island is scheduled), but to talk about it “belly” I can safely start since I have been waiting for years for the right time to visit this incredible place.

The strip of sand of this resort and the wide turquoise lagoon have always been my priorities for a holiday in the Maldives and that’s why this year, on the occasion of a very special event which I will talk about later, I decided to visit what for me represents the perfect island.

The scents, colors, and conformation of this island and this resort have made my mind build an imaginary paradise with these characteristics: that’s why I can’t wait to set foot on that land that more than others represents “my choice”.

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