Best Conversion Rate Optimization Practices in 2022

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Practices in 2022

Do you attract traffic to the site, but the number of customers and sales is not increasing? Are one too many visitors bouncing from your pages as soon as they open them? Do you wonder why this is happening?

Most likely, it’s because you need to optimize and enhance the conversion rate (CR).

The conversion rate shows the proportion of users who took the desired action compared to the total number of visitors. Conversion actions can vary depending on your business’ specifics:

  • Registration on the site;
  • Subscription to the email newsletter;
  • Content download;
  • Check out and payment;
  • Call;

So, let’s assume that you have already faced such a problem as a low conversion rate, or you are creating a new site and want to prevent possible problems. How can you achieve an increase in conversions in 2022?

From the following article, you will learn about 3 effective techniques that will help you convert more users into customers and thus make more profits.

How Do You Generate More Conversions?

1. Increase Site Loading Speed

The first thing you need to consider for increasing conversions is to check the loading speed of the site. The easiest way to do this is to test with Google PageSpeed Insights.

For example, the screenshot below shows the results of the official Pandora website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Keep in mind that the majority of your users most likely won’t waste time waiting for the page to open. Apart from that, loading speed is a significant factor that affects many aspects:

  • Ranking of the site in search engines;
  • Conversion rate;
  • And, accordingly, sales.

How do you improve the download speed? Of course, every case is different, but there are a few general recommendations.

  • Conducting a Magento Time To First Byte Optimization (or a similar optimization if you’re using another platform);
  • Revising the format of the used images and minimizing their size;
  • Reducing your redirects;
  • Choosing the right hosting option;
  • Using browser caching;
  • Reducing server response time;
  • Eliminating unnecessary plugins.

2. Optimize the Checkout Process

Many users add items to the cart but don’t complete the payment? Perhaps you should simplify the checkout process.

For example, add the option of placing an order without registration. It’s also worth paying attention to the number of fields the client needs to fill out when checking out. If the payment process is too complicated, users may leave the site without making a purchase.

Below is a screenshot from Victoria’s Secret site. As you can see, it is possible to purchase without registration (creating an account is optional). In addition, the checkout form is not too complicated and relatively short.

3. Improve the 404 Page

It happens that the user ends up on a page that doesn’t exist. This can occur, for instance, if the page has been deleted or the customer entered the wrong address.

This undoubtedly encourages visitors to leave the site. So how do you keep them on the site instead? The answer is to optimize the 404 page.

To do this, you need to take the following actions:

  • Create a 404 error notification page;
  • Redirect users to the home page or product catalog;
  • Include a call to action buttons in your design;
  • Notify visitors about the best deals;
  • Implement a search function;
  • Provide a site map.

Below is an example of a 404 page from the Estée Lauder site. The following techniques are applied:

  • Conversational tone;
  • Redirect to the main categories;
  • Button to go to live chat;
  • Search function and site map;
  • Email subscription button;
  • Section with brand’s bestsellers.

All these actions will help keep users on the site.

To Sum Up

So let’s summarize. What should you take into account when optimizing conversions in 2022 to successfully compete in the market and get more customers and profits?

The 3 essential techniques are as follows:

  • Optimize site loading speed;
  • Simplify the payment process;
  • Retain customers with 404 pages.

Of course, you can take many more actions to optimize conversions. However, these 3 will serve as a great starting point for you.

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Kate Parish is the chief marketing officer at Onilab with over 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing in the sphere of eCommerce web development. Kate always aspires to broaden her competency in line with cutting-edge global trends. Her primary areas of professional interest include SEO, branding, PPC, SMM, Magento PWA development, and online retail in general.

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