Best SEO Tools For Your Small Business Marketing

Investing in the appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) methods as a business owner may mean the difference between a well-known, profitable firm and one that is floundering.

SEO is a necessary skill in today’s corporate world. Hiring SEO managers or hiring digital marketing experts may be costly. 


Best Seo Tools For Your Small Business Marketing

As previously said, it is highly beneficial to employ tools that aid with keyword research and other areas of search engine optimization. There are several SEO tools accessible today, both paid and free. Here are some of them that might aid in the improvement of content optimization techniques.


Ahrefs is becoming increasingly popular among digital marketers and SEO managers. Insights about your rivals are a vital aspect of Ahrefs. By evaluating your competitors’ activities, you can make more educated SEO strategy selections. Ahrefs also offers tools for locating content and keywords, analyzing backlinks, and crawling your website. 

Screaming Frog

It is an excellent on-page SEO tool. It is handy for ensuring SEO optimization of your page, giving comprehensive reports in various categories.

The program operates by mimicking a crawler (Googlebot), crawling, and assessing your page’s SEO quality. The tool is commonly used by content optimization specialists and is quite beneficial to people who want to rank high. 

Screaminfrog’s primary role is to replicate Google’s algorithm and provide users with detailed data on how their page is performing.

This SEO tool’s findings are pretty comprehensive. The tool can give all of the information required for pros to rank their site high on search engines.

Answer the Public

It is a free tool for discovering what people are looking for. This website may assist you in finding keywords, brainstorming content ideas, and understanding your entire sector. Answer the Public is an excellent place to start and combines nicely with Google Trends, which can tell you how popular a keyword or search is compared to another.

Moz Local

Moz Local assists you in making the most of your online presence. It is an immediate local listing management solution that allows users to manage their locations quickly and easily. Moz Local expands your reach by providing accurate listings to the leading aggregators, search engines, and applications that your consumers care about.

Majestic Seo

Majestic is a tool that specializes in Off-Page SEO. Its primary role is to evaluate backlinks and other information about your site. Majestic SEO has gained traction among digital marketers by utilizing advanced search algorithm algorithms.

Like the other two tools described above, Majestic SEO has both a free and a premium edition. Users may already utilize numerous features in the Free edition, which has considerably contributed to the tool’s popularity. Majestic is presently one of the most excellent tools for working on website link building. The device is notable for advising and providing the most rules for producing outstanding work with links to develop.

Google Analytics

A function built by the search giant could not be overlooked in our list of the Top Five Best SEO Tools.

We’re talking about Google Analytics, which connects to your site and monitors and analyses crucial data linked to site visitors. Analytics is the most effective tool for traffic analysis and search tracking.

The platform includes several indicators, all of which are essential to analyzing people who deal with SEO tools. You may still tailor reports such that Analytics focuses on specific goals and KPIs.

HubSpot SEO

HubSpot is a marketing website offering a wealth of SEO and digital marketing resources. It provides online traffic analytics, competition information, and resources for adjusting SEO strategy. It has both premium and free versions, each with its own set of features.

SEM Rush

SEMRush offers analytics tools, social media reporting, and SEO data for your website. It also includes competition statistics and may be utilized for keyword research and backlink analysis. SEMRush is a valuable tool for small business owners who are already familiar with SEO. 

GMB Listings

Although Google My Business is a local SEO tool, brick-and-mortar businesses that neglect it are making a huge mistake. Google immediately collects map and location information about local companies from claimed and finished GMB accounts. If your profile is incomplete, Google may not return your website in local search results. When ranking local companies, Google takes into account location, relevancy, and popularity. Your GMB profile must have a correct address to meet the location criterion. 

Google Keywords Planner

Enter a phrase or set of keywords into the tool. Google Keyword Planner will provide various valuable statistics to help you plan your keyword strategy, including monthly search traffic, competition, and even recommended ideas you may not have considered.


Creating a list of free SEO tools may be a complex process. There are hundreds of them out there! I tried to pick the ones that we’ve found helpful and that you can apply on the web in minutes to obtain some fantastic insights.

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