Difference Between Simple Marketing and Digital Marketing

Create and process ads on the Google AdWords platform (i.e. where, How, when, who, etc. to seduce or motivate people by combining catalysts). To do, as if they clicked on the ad or ad created. No specific the user when Google When you search using keywords, the ad is or will appear only for clicks. And if you click on the ad, you will pay a certain amount.


Marketing is the promotion of a product through television, banners, festoons, leaflets, radio, newspapers, etc. The cost of analog marketing work is much higher and the results are much lower Goes. There is no complete data on the results of advertising in analog marketing Advertising is not possible for the target customer in analog marketing, The means of analog marketing are much less, and their effectiveness is much less.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the process of delivering product advertisements to the customer in a digital way. The results are much higher than the cost of digital marketing. It is possible to get complete data in digital marketing as a result of advertising.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing means building your presence on social media and he Takes various steps accordingly. Social media marketing involves creating posts and ads To do. Some of the popular social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Link

SEO or search engine optimization is the search engine’s results or results page. Relevant and high quality to occupy the right place (first row, or top place). Content as well as various skills and techniques to use the content of the website in such away. Introduce, so that their importance or visible impact is easily visible to search engines, And they are influenced to give that content an important place in their search results. The resulting results are called “Natural”, “Organic” or “Armed” results or The result is called. Website traffic or users (website users) on this result, The amount depends to a large extent. The more users of the website, the more business vision. From that angle, the financial value or revenue of that website increases.

Web Analytics (Web Visitor)

You are valued by evaluating or measuring the performance of ad campaigns and websites. Be able to collect information, which is very important. Analytical data, especially Google Analytics. This will let you know how many people have visited your website, where they are from Arrived, what media they used, what they did (actually, what links they used Has done).To learn more about web analytics and to buy tools, visit ‍SEMruch.If you do web analytics, you will know about your web site as well as what word. If you do, you will know that the number of your visitors will increase. If you do it right, You can get your site ranked in Google. As well as your income will continue to grow.

Why do digital marketing?

In a very short time through that process, you get your product right to the customer, Be able to highlight in an interesting way. Your product is in great demand among all the customers, You can easily identify them. Easily trade deficits with your competitor brands, Be able to diagnose. In a word, digital marketing is the key to improving your business Will help. So I can say that digital marketing is the best advertising system. From where You can earn more by reducing costs.

How to start digital marketing?

First of all, he considers which category of customer your product is in full demand Accordingly, it should be highlighted through accurate information and interesting writing. According to the type and demand of the product, You have to sort the text. You start marketing using any digital medium You have to fix it and you have to have a piece of good knowledge about that digital medium. Then I hope you can do better. You need to start a digital business online, But you don’t know how to get started. Don’t worry, I’m the best way to digitalize you I will discuss the method of marketing. I hope you find it useful. Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

1. You have to select the name for the business.

2. Must buy domain and hosting.

3. Need to design an e-commerce site.

4. Business pages need to be created for social media.

5. Hire people for marketing or SEO or prepare yourself.

6 – Start marketing your business through free or premium methods. Get ready for graphics, internet, design, product uploading, etc. Buy a laptop or PC made.

 7. Keep the budget amount of money in hand.

Discuss the differences between marketing and digital marketing

There are some major differences between marketing and digital marketing. Let’s talk about that.

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