New Career Paths to Follow After a Covid-19 Job Loss

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has put millions of people around the world out of work. Finding yourself as a member of this group can be a worrisome experience, but just know that there are ways to get through these troubling times. Finding a new career amidst a pandemic can be a daunting task, but the best option is to pursue careers based on technology.

Technology is a disrupting factor that is changing every industry around the world. Fortunately, the disruptions being caused are resulting in new job opportunities that anyone can pursue, rather than just taking jobs away as Covid-19 has done. 

In fact, Forbes covered a report that an estimated 58 million new jobs could be created as artificial intelligence develops. Clearly, this is a force that is creating new opportunities, and entering this field now after losing your job may set you up better in the future.

Front End Development 

Front end development is a field that is growing at a faster rate than most. Members of this profession use coding, among other skills, to develop the websites we use daily. In short, they are responsible for building everything that is viewed by the users of a website. This field can be entered in a number of ways, but skills with coding are a must for breaking into this field.

With that in mind, attending a coding bootcamp is a great way to learn the skills needed to become a front end developer. These bootcamps often last a number of months and are cheaper alternatives to attending a graduate program. This can be extremely helpful when you’ve lost your job and don’t want to be living off of your savings.

As a whole, front end development will grow as a field because the number of computers and websites on the Internet is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Every company needs a website to conduct online business, especially during the era of Covid-19. Developing the skills needed to enter this career is a great next step after losing your job during the pandemic.

Data Science

If you previously held a traditional job, you may not have the technical expertise or desire to launch a career in a field that uses extensive tech skills. Data science is a great career option for anyone looking to enter a high-paying tech field that uses a lot of non-technical tech skills.

Becoming a data scientist used to require a master’s degree, but can now be done by attending a data science bootcamp. Technology has made this high-paying field accessible to anyone who decides to enter it. Members of this profession use data analytics to make informed business decisions and can even act as consultants for companies and advisors.

A report from LinkedIn, referenced by California University of Pennsylvania, covered how data science has grown by around 650 percent since 2012 and has shown no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for a stable career to enter after losing yours due to the pandemic, entering data science is a smart option 

Digital Marketing

As far as careers based in tech that anyone can enter, digital marketing is a field that is readily available for all. This field can be entered by anyone involved with marketing in the past, so if your former career was as a marketer then this should be the field for you. 

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Members of this profession focus on bolstering sales via online business. The low barrier-to-entry for this field means that anyone of any age can enter it, regardless of what their previous career used to be. Losing your job doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch careers, as a large number of traditional jobs have been adapted, but not destroyed by technology.


As far as options after losing your job go, preparing your skills for the future of work is the best path you can take. Doing so will allow you to enhance your skills and become an asset in the future of work.

Examining the career paths that are surviving this pandemic is a great way of discovering which careers may be useful to enter now. Additionally, entering these careers before they become oversaturated with future college and university graduates can set you apart as an experienced and valuable employee.

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