Digital Marketing Trends to succeed on the Internet

Digital Marketing is a very broad and constantly renewed field. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of all the original trends and ideas that arise if you want to be a leader in the network. The trend of Digital Marketing in 2020 will be key for any company.

Next year will be an especially important year at the digital strategy level. We are living a product saturation without differentiation, being able to find the same type of product in hundreds of stores, small, medium, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. This situation means that to differentiate ourselves we must focus many more efforts on developing a good brand experience strategy.

At the marketing level, we will see a greater increase in investment in brand image actions and demand generation means, such as content, social ads, video ads and display of all kinds.

Digital Marketing Forecasts in 2020


Artificial Intelligence, the best friend of the marketers

According to the digital agency, more than 25% of the customer service will use AI technology in 2020. It is undeniable that it is one of the main trends in Digital Marketing in 2020. As professors explain, “ Developers are finding more and more uses for artificial intelligence. From to predict security holes, to improve the efficiency of social media ads or to offer optimized customer service on eCommerce platforms with AI-based chat support.”

Undoubtedly, for many companies,  investing in AI in 2020 will allow them to save costs and accelerate growth, thus surpassing their main competitors.

The moment of truth for SMEs

Time has come for small and medium-sized businesses to begin to be aware, really, of the need to invest in online strategies. It can no longer be postponed. It is the definitive moment and the demand is growing for organizations that seek to specialize in their corporate communication at all levels: social networks, SEO, Social Selling, Ads. It is time for professionalization to settle and stop being a tendency to become a reality.

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With the importance of digital marketing for SMEs. “Competing with large companies and large budgets will seem increasingly difficult for small businesses. I always advocate looking for smaller niches, that there are, globalize them, and establish with them that marketing that large companies carry out with the general public, only that being a smaller segment the economic outlay will be lower, but customer loyalty and the engagement will be much greater.

Ads on social networks much more segmented, personalization of messages, selection of a small number of communication channels to completely dominate them…. they will be the paths that small businesses must tackle to survive and grow. ”

Programmatic advertising will continue to be a trend in 2020

Programmatic advertising refers to an advertisement in which the advertiser buys the audience and not the spaces, as is the case with traditional advertising. The advertiser chooses the audience he wants to address, taking into account multiple details of his profile: tastes, demographics, connections, etc”.

According to the eMarketer agency, in 2020, almost 90% of digital ads in the United States will be scheduled. Programmatic advertising will extend its use through most platforms, as companies are increasingly using this technology to make decisions in real-time, for the announcement they wish to deliver to customers.

The various non-invasive advertising formats will be part of the marketing strategy, not as innovation, but as an important channel within the distribution of advertising budgets.

Customer-centric Marketing Customization

We are in a unique era where marketers know what “their consumers think or want” based on data. A digital analyst, states: “Marketing departments are increasingly responsible for customer interaction points. They collect observations, receive feedback and analyze data. The tendency is increasingly to use this information to guide product development and business innovation.

The importance lies in having this authority or accountability to carry out these initiatives. The new marketing requires the maximum commitment of the managers of the companies in undertaking the optimizations derived from a culture centered in the client.


The trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 point towards a change in the relations between brand and users. Professor John emphasizes the relevance of conversational marketing: interaction with the public immediately, for example, through social media. «The use of social media communication channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) as CRM tools will also appear as a complement in email marketing campaigns to accelerate the passage between customer interest and desire in the Customer Journey and close the purchase. »

Also, email marketing will adapt to the demands and preferences of users with greater interactivity.

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