Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Fun Team Building In Activities

It may be difficult for you to believe but it is a fact that adding fun-filled activities for employees at work can help your business become more productive registering higher performance. In this age of cut-throat competition, tough deadlines looming large, and rivalry among different teams, work productivity takes the back seat and registers the worst impact. This scenario can be changed for the better by organizing fun-filled team building activities for your employees at regular intervals. These activities help the team members shed inhibitions and form personal bonds giving your business a competitive edge. The teams that work as a cohesive unit and work towards a common organizational the goal is more successful.

As per experts in the field, this success and positive results are possible only with engagement. There is a very close link between teams and their engagement levels. Studies have clearly indicated that close work interaction between employees boosts work satisfaction in them by at least 50 per cent. Such people who are happy at their workplace and their colleagues have been found to be more engaged at work.

Moreover, engaged companies are able to consistently outperform their close competition in terms of productivity, profits, and turnover. People who are closer to their colleagues at work are happier and more engaged in their work. To ensure breaking away the unseen barriers between people, different departments and teams, companies organize fun-filled activities that also focus on utmost employee engagement. Here, we bring you some of the most interesting and exciting team building activities that are sure to bring your employees closer and bonding with each other.


It is a very interesting and fun-filled team building activity. It focuses on unravelling the hidden talents and skills of the team participants. This fun activity begins by using some limited engineering materials that are used for the creation of a complex system. The supplies are assigned to each team and the teams are expected to assemble these raw materials on the basis of Rube Goldberg Model and create a series of energy converters. Once the machine is built, the actual fun part starts. After the machines are ready, automatic energy conversion is made by different teams by keeping the devices at different places.

This is a a very engaging activity where the team skills and knowledge get a chance to come to the forefront and while participating in this activity, they share a lot of fun moments with their colleagues. When these creations prepared by them painstakingly, the teams feel happy about their achievement. The finale of the activity is with the teams watching their creations in action and this brings a sense of camaraderie among them which is priceless.

Kontiki Boat Building Challenge

Singapore has some very lovely outdoor locales where this activity can be organized. This water-based activity is a popular choice among several other team building activities. It is a highly sophisticated and interesting cross-functional a project where different teams are entrusted with the task of building a Kontiki Boat using the assigned raw materials, detailed instructions, and a blueprint. Besides using assigned materials, the team has to pool in their skills, knowledge, and capabilities that eventually help them constructing complex components.

The boat thus constructed must be robust and sturdy and must be able to sustain the weight of at least two team members when the boat is tested in the waters. The facilitators take utmost safety precautions and ensure no team members come to any harm. While working on this activity, the team enjoys close collaboration, clear communication and a lot of fun which refreshes them.

Formula 1 Racing Challenge

As the name suggests, the teams are entrusted with the task of building a working model of Formula 1 Racing car. This flat pack kit comes handy to build this car, but the task has to be finished with a strict timeframe. The teams are assigned with required raw materials, construction instructions and a blueprint. Once the car is ready, the team has to decorate the cars in the company logo, colours or USP, creating a brand identity.

The decoration must be such that it allows the car to stand apart from other cars on the track. Finally, the time of grand finale comes where the cars are raced on a track to check its sturdiness. The team cars stand at the starting line and zoom past the onlookers as soon as the chequered flag flies. It is a spectacular sight to witness with the teams exulting in the success of their achievement.

RC Challenge

Another fun filled activity that will help your employees immensely is remote car challenge. Here, as the name suggests, teams will be entrusted with the task of building and designing a remote-control car. Required raw material and instructions will be given to the teams. As part of this activity, the teams will have to rely on their knowledge and skills to conceptualize the car You will use cardboard to create and build the car and load it up with machines that will allow it to move with remote control. Once the car is ready, it is designed and decorated to make it look different and unique from others.

Teams can go for company colours, logos, etc., to impart a brand identity to their car. Once the conceptualization, designing and creation task is done, the cars are raced on a track at full speed. The trial course will have pitstops and will be decorated to make it look interesting. The team excitement is at fever pitch with every team banking hard on its creation. The team that outperform its competitors is announced the winner.

These team building activities are meant to help employees shed their inhibitions and start communicating with each other. Many times, new employees are slightly hesitant working with the old employees’ and this creates an unseen barrier. It can have a lot of impact on the productivity of the team. Thus, organizing these teams help companies break the barriers among people and give them space to bond with each other.

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