5 Must Steps Before starting SEO of any website

Internet has become one of the main resources to publicize a company or service. However, it is a very competitive environment that requires brands to carry out various strategies to position themselves in front of their competitors.

Appearing in the top positions within the search engines is essential to increase visibility. However, Google’s algorithm is increasingly sophisticated . The use of SEO is essential to position a web page. In addition, it is a set of free techniques and strategies.

A good free organic positioning allows Google to recognize a website as relevant and understand that it adds value to the user, so it will position it better than others. Thus, Sortlist experts highlight five infallible tips to make an SEO strategy successful :

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1.Study of Keywords:

This is an essential aspect in SEO. It is important to dedicate to this step as much time as necessary, since the content used is key to position in search engines and, especially, in Google. First of all, you have to think about those words you want to be found for when someone searches. To carry out a study of them and know which are the best, there are several tools. From Sortlist, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, Semrush, Ubersuggest and KWfinder stand out. The use of bold and lists, as well as a simple and orderly wording, is also advisable.

2. Image optimization. Search engines track different websites and then index and position them. Adding title and alternative text to the images, using the keywords, will help the bots to better understand what the page is about. Thanks to this, they can better index the content. 

3. Take advantage of the title, URL and meta description. These three elements are what the user first sees when performing a search. Thus, you have to think of Google and SEO as a whole and try to introduce in all of them the keyword to position. Choosing a friendly URL, without symbols or numbers that can generate distrust, as well as taking advantage of the title and description in a creative way are also points that should not be overlooked. “This is the best opportunity to show, in summary, the information and content that the user will see on each website,”.

4. Take care of internal links . The more useful links a website has, the better its usability and navigability. In this way, a good internal link structure will help to achieve a better SEO positioning. “You should never forget to check the links and fix those that do not work. Broken links harm the web and penalize SEO, since Google aims to make the user experience as optimal as possible,” says the expert.

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5. Make the site 100% “responsive” . The launch of all kinds of electronic devices on the market has led to the need for websites to adapt to different screens. This ability is what makes a page considered “responsive”. In addition, it is another factor that Google takes into account for positioning. Therefore, Sortlist highlights it as one of the top priorities of any brand. Also, the loading speed also influences to appear among the first in the search results. The faster a website loads on mobile devices, the more favored you will see its positioning.

Implementing all these tips will allow you to start an escalation in the Google ranking. However, it is not only important to apply these techniques, but also to update them, since Google usually makes several changes throughout the year.”

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