21st Century Skills List to Learn

The 21st century is an ever-changing environment, modern living has become more reliant and determined by what skills you have and how well you are able to apply them.

For instance, students need life skills to deal with stress and frustration. They need to be flexible and to have mastered time management and other soft skills. Throughout this article we will be looking at the most useful life skills, how to acquire them, and the best ways to apply them at school or college, at work and in everyday life.

Learning these 21st-century skills will make it easier for you to interact with people and more likely to be employed in a workplace than the next person.

Digital skills

Technology is developing at a very fast pace and it may take continuous learning to keep up with modern day demand in the field. Digital skills are needed in all areas of life like entertainment, medicine, communication and may be the most useful of job skills to learn.

1. Touch Typing

Touch typing is a muscle memory typing method obtained through rigorous training with the proper finger placement. Through the right methods of training and testing, the fingers get so used to typing in such a way that they instinctively go to the appropriate keys. The skill of touch typing plays a vital role in employability by enabling you to achieve a very high speed of data entry or completing other tasks faster when typing is required. Touch typing makes you more productive in any “computer-based” work. Practice is key. Get started by passing typing lessons and check your typing speed from time to time. Check your typing speed at Ratatype.

2. Mobile Typing

Mobile Typing Mobile typing is required when interacting through mobile devices. Mobile typing technology has developed so much that word and sentence predictions are available as well as drag-typing. The user merely moves his/her finger across the mobile’s keyboard and the word and spaces are automatically filled.

3. Online Learning

There are many free tutorials online that are able to assist with an education for a number of areas. Courses are available online that provides the student with all necessary study materials and guides. Tips, assignments, old exam papers and tests may also be available to further aid the student.

4. Searching Information Online

The student needs to have basic computing skills for digital communication and researching subjects online in a timely manner. Knowledge on inputting the correct form of wording in a search engine may result in the best results possible.

5. Basic Coding

Knowledge of the principles of basic coding facilitates communication and helps to develop structural thinking. This skill develops memory and the ability to understand the essence of the problem. It helps to focus on problems that need to be solved.

6. Create a Blog

Creating a blog will enhance writing skills and keeping a journal of important events and experiences. People reading your blog may learn from your experience as well as advise and share similar experiences. Their feedback can also make you think more open-mindedly about life in general.

7. Photoshop

Knowing your way around Photoshop is a must for anyone looking to become a graphic designer. Using Photoshop you can create your own logos, graphics and edit images on an advanced level. This skill may be used as a service for clients in advertising and marketing niches.

8. Spreadsheet and Word Processor

These are the two most used and basic tools of Microsoft Office. These applications assist the user to edit and create documents, process math equations in large amounts or create simple documents like cards and professional letters.

9. Creating a Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is essential when it comes to creating presentations for meetings and month-end reports. This program also possesses the features of basic image manipulation, for instance, removing a background from an image.

21st century skills list to learn

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