Digital Marketing Scope and Growth in 2019

Digital marketing is the latest growing industry, which has a goal of making the digital presence of businesses. It has now become an integral part to utilize the commercial outlook of modern digital channels which is surprising the world. This platform is ready to become the most popular among the youth. Many companies are hiring professional digital marketers for promoting and advertising their products and services on different digital channels.

Digital Marketing Course

With the increasing demand of digital marketers, many coaching centers are now offering digital marketing course. People who are working can get weekend training otherwise you can learn this course in weak days. The best part, it is an affordable course which can be completed within a short period of time.

The Scope of Digital Marketing

The scope of the digital marketing field is increasing day by day. Not just companies are following digital marketing strategies, but the other sectors including healthcare industries, banking sectors, education field, etc. are utilizing the digital platforms for marketing purpose.

Following are the benefits of being a professional digital marketer:

More Career Choices: One digital marketing has many job roles. From SEO Executive to Web Developer, Social media Executive, Inbound Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Consultant, Content marketer, you can let your career flourish in any field. All what you need is accurate knowledge and skills in the preferred field.

Better Pay Scale: Digital marketers are high in demand but the supply is less. Every company wants to have a digital presence and always get associated with their clients on digital channels. That is why if you are an expert in digital marketing, you can easily negotiate your salary as per your requirement.

Start up a Business: Digital marketing not only offers you various career options, but it also helps to start up your business. For instance: if you are fond of writing, you can create a website and start writing blogs. If you have a shop so you can make eCommerce website and even promote your products and services on digital channels and apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Paytm etc.

digital marketing scop in 2019

Become a Freelancer: If you do want to be an employee for a particular company, you can be a freelancer learning digital marketing strategies. Freelancer helps to navigate digital marketing. What you have to do is to design a professional website, create marketing strategies with tools and techniques and write the high quality content to run the campaigns.

The Growth of the Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is growing not only in India but all over the world. According to the recent survey, advertisement through online marketing rose 300%. The growth rate has increased up to 40% in the digital marketing industry while other industries growth rate is 5% to 10%. This field has offered 10 lakhs jobs in the last year.


In terms of adopting a new method of marketing, it can be said that digital marketing is an excellent way to promote your business and reach more people. It is a digital journey of buying and selling the products and services. If you want to be a digital marketer, learn it and just create the digital framework to connect your business with its targeted audience through the digital channels.

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