7 Hotel Room Amenities that Every Traveller Deserve

One of the things that you will spend money with taking a vacation is the hotel accommodation. It could make or break your whole trip. When looking for a hotel room, you should ask yourself what are the room amenities that would be worth your money and stay?

These days, there are websites like TripAdvisor that provide hotel reviews. So you can look up those reviews dedicated to the hotel you’re considering to stay with. In these hotel reviews, you would know which one is the best for your needs and budget.

To help you select the best hotel room for your next vacation, consider these room amenities you want to experience:

  • Plentiful and accessible power outlets

Don’t you hate it when your hotel room has only one or two power outlet available? The number of power outlets should be generous and scattered inside the room. There should be outlets near the bed, above the desk, inside the bathroom, and near entertainment area. So even if you charge all your gadgets all the same time, it won’t be a problem.

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  • Fluffy and comfortable bed

A bed is essential in a hotel room but it must be comfortable and fluffy if possible. After a long travel, guests can be tired and want to take a rest for a while. Pampering them with soft, fluffy, and comfortable bed will surely relax them. It also gives a good night sleep to the guests.

  • Decent and huge luggage rack

Every hotel room should have a full-size luggage rack and conveniently found into the closet. In this way, guests can put their suitcase inside it and not just anywhere inside the room. It avoids a messy room and possible bedbug infestation.

  • Complimentary refreshment

Sure, there is a mini-fridge in every hotel room but the items inside come with a hefty price. After travelling to get to the hotel, guests might be exhausted from the trip. What a hotel staff and management can do to help the guests is to provide adequate complimentary refreshment once they go in the room. A bottle of water is great for re-hydrating and gets the refreshing feeling. A cup of coffee helps them to start the day right. A cup of tea is good for relaxation. These are small conveniences that hotel should offer for free so the guests can feel pampered.

  • Nice shower head with hydro massage

Why do you visit and stay at hotels? One of reasons is to relax and unwind. Relaxation can be equated to one day of spending time in spa and enjoying a soothing massage. But what if a hotel room can give you that kind of relaxation? One of the best amenities that a hotel room can offer is having a shower head with hydro massage. It’s like taking a good shower and soothing massage all at the same time. But keep in mind that the shower must be clean and has adequate pressure.

  • Fantastic view from hotel room

Even if you’re just staying in a 3 or 4-star hotel, you deserve a hotel room with fantastic view. Nothing beats a hotel room with big windows and some beautiful bird’s eye view of the city you’re planning to explore.

  • Complimentary Digital Movie Library

These days, most hotels are offering complimentary movie channels as well as DVD library where you can select different movie titles in DVD. But what would be more convenient is to have Digital Movie Library inside the comfort of your hotel room. The movies are just few clicks away using your remote while you enjoy sitting or lying in your fluffy bed. No need to stand up and operate any DVD player or item just to watch a movie.

Author Bio: Candice Larson is a lifestyle and travel enthusiast. She works for an ad firm and contributes to Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel blog occasionally. She’s into pop culture, coffee, and 70s music.


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