Market specialists are already beginning to anticipate the great technological trends for 2018. According to Gartner, Artificial Intelligence improves customer experiences and investments in Cloud Computing. These are some of the approaches that technology companies must emphasize for next year and beyond. For CIOs, in addition to equipment and new technology concepts, other points are essential for business success, such as developing actions to optimize costs and redefining businesses in search of innovation, as well as gaining an increase in importance. of his leadership among the teams and in the management of personnel, considering the greatest asset of the bosses.


1. Infrastructure to support Artificial Intelligence (AI):

To exploit the full potential that Artificial Intelligence has to offer in the future, new bases for infrastructure are already being developed. Investments in skills, processes and tools will have a large increase during the next year.

2. Smart applications:

In addition to the AI, Machine Learning, or machine learning, will be another of the technologies that are already presenting a great evolution and that requires greater investments. Creating intelligent applications for the use of the two tools is now a competitive differential of companies, being a mediator of intelligence between people and systems, facilitating day to day in the real future through the automation of more recurrent actions.

3. Smart things:

With the development of the IoT, many objects with connectivity potential were tested. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, new intelligent things are being developed and existing ones go through different improvement processes, guaranteeing usability and greater possibilities of the application.

4. Digital twin:

This term defines a great fuel of Industry 4.0: the possibility of foreseeing, by means of a simulation, how the results in the real world would be of a change in the industrial process. Many of the data already generated by the IoT and analyzed with the Big Data Analytics are used in this simulation. In this way, the industries will be able to validate changes in manufacturing, with significant cost reduction, flexibility and less waste, being able to offer advanced products as a final result.

5. Edge Computing:

This is a solution that will require large investments over the next few years by companies seeking more agility in processing the data collected by the IoT and closer to where they are created, eliminating the need to send all the information collected for Data Centers or for the Cloud in order to be analyzed.

6. Progress in technologies for online conversation:

Improving the user experience is one of the points where we will work more during the next few years, so that the technologies in videoconferences and other communication tools will evolve, reducing the distances more and more. Increased connection, reduction of delays, synchrony between sound and image and the development of new tools, are some of the elements that should receive more attention.

7. Experience with digital:

Virtual reality and augmented reality are tools that gain strength when the issue is to improve the experience of people in the relationship between the real and the digital. Tools and devices of this segment will obtain new formats, functionalities and incentives, adapting more and more in different sectors.

8. Blockchain:

In 2017, the Bitcoins had a record value of 1000%. Signal that the cryptocurrency of the internet is already a reality and is recognized in financial transactions. For its use to evolve, it is necessary a system of records that guarantees the security of the operations carried out by this currency, so that investments must be made to make the blockchain, or chain of blocks, more efficient and secure.


Let’s see then, that the technologies that will focus more in the coming years will be fundamental for the agility, cost reduction, loss of time and work, in addition to the improvement in the user experience. Many of the tools that are already on the market today will be improved to connect with these new technologies, as well as new paradigm ruptures will emerge with certainty.

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