Uncommon Yet Effective Ways to Generate Website Traffic For Free

Driving free and targeted traffic has remained the number 1 concern for most internet marketers. In order to make money online, you need lots of traffic, regardless of the business that you are in. No traffic = no sales. Here are some ways to generate FREE traffic to your website. However, remember that these are not commonly used methods, yet they are one of the most effective ways.

Building A List:

The top internet marketers maintain massive lists because they know that they can keep advertising to their subscribers. Nowadays, Still Free guest posting is rated as top way to get link juice from the Google. The money is still on the list. You can also generate constant traffic to your website by directing your subscribers to your site over and over again. This is especially useful if you are promoting PPC ads on your website. However, this is also one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish because building a huge list takes a long time.

Online Marketing:

Using viral marketing sites such as Squidoo, YouTube, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. If you have an interesting video, you can choose to upload it into YouTube or Metacafe. Interesting videos will generate lots of buzzes. You can include your link at the end of the video to direct viewers to your own website. This is free and easy to do. If you are using Twitter, make sure you increase your followers count quickly. The more followers you have, the more money you will make.

Exchanging Links:

Trading links with other Websites that are similar in nature. The more links traded with other websites, the more website traffic you would expect to receive. Do a Google search on the business that is related to your website and emails the webmaster of the potential linking website to offer a link exchange. In most cases, you will not get any reply. However, keep building on these links because they are yours to keep in the long run and your website with increased incoming links will definitely rank well in search engine results.

Join Online Forums And Communities:

This method used to be effective until spammers start to flood these forums with excessive links. Nowadays, these forums are monitored and you need to be careful in your postings. Learn to contribute useful information. If these forum users find your information useful, they will listen to you more often than not because they regard you as an expert. Take care not to spam. In most forums, you are allowed to include a link at your signature posting.

Use these essential tips and leverage your business with Online Marketing. Best wishes for the future!

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