3 Advanced Hacks to Grow Your Business with Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the unbelievable branding opportunity for many businesses. Although increasing a large and occupied following can take a long time and be exceedingly time-consuming but following the best hacks to grow your business with Instagram Stories, you will surely get succeeded. You should post the right content to stay relevant to current followers while also bringing in new ones. But it can be hard sometimes to know what kind of content works best for the upbringing of your product.

One of the most natural reasons why Instagram is so popular is because it is a simplified version of Facebook with an emphasis on sharing visual content, for example, images and videos. Users can also communicate through comments, tagging, and private chatting.

Nowadays, social media is all about documentation. People post what they eat and drink, where they go, whom they have seen and what is the most memorable thing for them. People post 24/7 on Instagram.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to share photos and videos to their “Story”, and it is visible to followers of their user’s Instagram account. Instagram stories are short-lived; it means they disappear after 24 hours, as in Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Instagram stories are all about creating stories. But these stories are not in the written form; otherwise, nobody will see your post. When you create videos, you always are creating a story. You are possibly not scripting it, but you are just creating a story, and the reason you create a story is that it helps people along the journey.

Your Instagram Story is published independently from the photos and videos found in the tiled gallery of one’s Instagram profile. While you might know the basics of sharing them, there are built-in hidden tools that can make the photos and videos more original and appealing that you add to your Story.

When it comes to YouTube and other videos, Instagram Stories is another form of videos.

Following are 3 Instagram Stories Hacks;

• Start from the Ending;

Lots of people will start Instagram Story or a video just talking about a topic, and they don’t know what the end point is. So you should start with the end in mind. When telling your stories through photos and videos you will have to be more attentive, because people will notice all the aspects that any Instagram Storytelling video should have. Colors, sounds, background, dressing, the way of talking, body language, and all the visuals are required in your Instagram Story.

Think about the main streamline that you are trying to reach. When you need to market your service through a video Story, you should start with a very gentle manner and slowly get your audience excited from time to time. Make your audience curious enough about your story, so they turned up with you till the ending of your story.

In your Instagram story, you can also add photos; you can use them according to the flow of your audience understanding and also post the photos separately. Try to download Instagram videos in your gallery so that you are able to share them in your social circle for more stretch. And it might also help for those fans who missed your Instagram Story for some reason and they now can see it.

• Use a call to action

The swipe up works better for consumer-based products but in a combination of doing the swipe up, telling people to take action, telling them where they can go to your website, telling them at the very end where they can go for a recap or a checklist or swiping up to get that.

• Unique URL

Creating a unique URL is helpful because people run a ton of pain video advertising, and this works for Instagram Stories as well. You can drive people to your website doing the swipe up with Instagram. So, always tell your fans to swipe up. You must have seen many Stories mentioning to swipe up, that leads you to the consulting site or a landing page, but do the swipe up at the same time.

These are all great ways to get people from Instagram back to your website, and of course, getting the conversions as well. Try using all these Instagram Story hacks and enjoy scrolling down!

Tayyab Saqlain is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Instagram Downloader, Home Decoers, VoVo Gifts, Qari Saab.

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