How to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Everyone loves to have their place look nice and be impressive. This goes for inside and out. If we’re all being honest here, there have been some places you’ve gone to that don’t seem all that nice. Almost as if someone has lost the drive to keep up their home. This might have had you evaluating yourself and thinking “Is my curb appeal the best it can be”? If you are looking to sharpen up your curb appeal, you have come to the right place. Here are the best ways you can improve the outside look of your home.

Power Wash

A power washer is your best friend here. You think your house is clean now, just wait until you use the power of water. Once you hit the pressurized water on the side of the house, the dirt will come sliding down from places you never saw there. Sometimes, it even looks like a brand-new home! Once you’re done pressure washing the walls, go for your sidewalk and other belongings. Dirt will be in every crack, especially if it has been some time since your last pressure wash. Don’t be surprised if guests ask you if you’ve painted your home. You can also use a power washer to clean up some of the more built up grime on your family car. Be careful not to spray too close or else you’ll tear off the paint job.

Out with the Old

If you have some old hardware outside the house, it might be time to kick it to the curb. Buying new hardware can be inexpensive and really give you some great curb appeal. Maybe some new chairs and a table. Bird feeders are also fun and give a home a nice vibe. Whatever it is that you find appealing on the outside of your home, others might find appealing as well.

Touch up with paint

Make sure to find some of the spots around your house that look a little worn out. Once found, go ahead and touch them up with a bit of paint. Who knows, you might even become inspired to paint your whole house!

Upgrade Your Lighting

Check out your lighting on the outside of your home. Is it bright? Does it accent your home well? Is it too yellow? These are all good questions to ask to which only you really know the answer. It could be that one light is not enough. Maybe you should add more! String some lights across the top of your porch to give a modern feel. Just try not to go all “Christmas” on it.

Prune Everything Else

This includes all the little things. Trim your bushes, park your sweet ride out front, put away all the kids toys that are laying in your yard. Do your best to make not only your home but also its surroundings to look as nice as possible. It might feel strange or like you’re putting on a show but it’s entirely in your advantage to do so.

All of these projects combined should take less than a week. Just imagine how it would look after that! With little effort and some creativity, you could even have the nicest house on the block. Just remember, when you set the standards, you have to keep it up. People will be counting on looking at your home every time they drive by!

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