5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia This Summer

Croatia is an amazing destination that any tourist would dream of visiting for a summer vacation. Famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise Mediterranean waters, this beautiful country offers an array of attraction sites and fun activities that promise to keep you entertained throughout your stay. If you are still searching for an ideal destination to spend your holiday, search no more! The following are reasons why you should book a flight to Croatia come summer.

Music Festivals

Croatia hosts some of the world’s largest and most famous festivals that cater to music across all genres. From Outlook, Hideout, Dimensions, Fresh Island to Area 4, the whole summer calendar is dominated by high-octane and fun-filled extravaganzas that are held in a polarizing setting by the beach. World-renowned artists and international DJs converge at the best-rated clubs in the country to entertain music enthusiasts and revelers from dusk till dawn. There are enough drinks and food to indulge in, not to mention the many boat parties and VIP services also on offer. If you are a true fan of music and appreciate the euphoria of fired up fans, there is more than enough to go around. All the motivation you need to make sure you don’t miss Croatia.

The Climate

If you are looking to make the most of the summer climate, there is no better place to be in. Croatia is among the sunniest destinations in Europe! Visitors get to experience 12 long hours of sunshine every day of May and June, and an extra hour of sunshine in July and August. Combine these high temperatures with the famous list of picturesque pebbled beaches and warm, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean; and you have the perfect holiday spot. Apart from bathing in the sun and going for a dip in the sea, there are numerous water sports to keep you entertained such as yachting, boating, and surfing, etc.

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The People

Croatians are some of the most receptive and ridiculously nice group of people you will ever meet. Always ready to go out of their way just to lend a helping hand, you can always look forward to being bailed out of a nasty situation by a complete stranger. Expect to be greeted by friendly smiles as you walk around the cities and the countryside. The locals are known for their rich culture of food and wine. You can savor the delicious mix of Mediterrenean and Italian flavored culinary offerings with a new world twist. Considering all the tourists that will be flocking into the country come summer, you can expect the towns to turn into the ideal boiling pot of culture that you will find interesting and fun to be around.

Attractions and Outdoors

Croatia is defined by a range of spectacular sites and outdoor activities that every tourist is looking for. There are numerous historical landmarks, none greater than the old town of Dubrovnik, which provided several filming spots for the famous TV series, Game of Thrones. There are also museums, amphitheaters and the famous Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which will give you a history lesson about the ancient Roman Empire. Some of the numerous National Parks are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites and will give you an opportunity to interact with nature up close and personal. The beaches are just to die for, with hidden islands that offer panoramic views. Not forgetting the virgin lands and towns that are begging to be discovered and explored.

The Prices

Croatia is among the most affordable top destinations for tourists in Europe. You don’t have to worry about blowing off your budget because the prices are ridiculously friendly. In Croatia, tourists are usually, offered rationalized prices and this allows you to access crucial services like food and accommodation at rates you will be very comfortable with. Imagine having a delicious full-course meal and a nice hotel for just around 10 Euros! If you are looking to get value for your money, Croatia will offer you the same great services at more affordable services compared to most European holiday destinations.

The above are just some of the many reasons that should convince you to visit this exquisite country. Whatever you are looking for in a dream summer destination, rest assured it has everything if not more than what you have in mind.

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