6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine for This Winter

Winter season may appeal you from out but those cold and dry winds are not a fun game for your skin and hair. Warm air at indoor also steal the moisture of the air. This leads to dry hair and cracked skin. To shave your winter avoiding these problems following are few Tips you should go for.

Less Is More:

Whether I talk about hot showers, cleansing or shampooing in all conditions less is more for everyone. Long hot shower sounds comforting but they have after effects on our skin and hairs. Hot water strip necessary moisture from them. Result in leaving them even drier. In addition to this hot water opens your pores and germs can enter them causing breakouts. Therefore, keep your shower cold or lukewarm can work fine. Do not lengthen it more than 10 minutes. Furthermore, shampoo it less while winters.


Tip: If you cannot keep a record of your bathing time set an alarm for 10 minutes on your phone and leave when it rings.

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Exfoliate and Moisturize:

Re-nourish and protect your skin by moisturizing it right after every wash. Moisturizing damp skin helps you to trap the water into your skin. In winters your skin becomes flaky to remove this flakiness and dead cells you need to exfoliate your skin once in a week so that it will look smoother and soft. Similarly, your hairs also require moisturizing and conditioning you can use should use conditioners in the shower and oil your hairs with olive, coconut or almond oil at least twice a week. Massaging oils into your scalp not only nourishes your hair but also result in increased blood circulation.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

As skin and hairs become more sensitive in winters you must consider products that you are using. Fine milk or oil-based shampoos to maintain the level of moisture in your hairs. Try to buy Moisture packed makeup or Hypoallergenic Makeup products that are specially designed to avoid skin problems while wearing makeup in any season.

Go natural


Go Simple:

Try to avoid hairstyles that require blow drying, strengthening or curling because the extensive heat of these electronic equipment rips the hydration and moisture of your hairs. Stay simple because simplicity is the best policy.

Go natural:

Forget about artificial solutions that can lead to after use effects when nature has blessed us with various things that can be used for our benefit. Use ingredients such as honey, yogurt, milk cream, bananas, green tea and other such substances to hydrate and moisturize your skin naturally.

Use Humidifier:

During the peak times of winters, heating systems keep working day and night. This decreases dampness of air up to 25 percent. To keep your skin and hair moist there is no harm to place a quite running humidifier in your room. Especially keep it on while sleeping at night that will help you to sleep well.

These are the meekest and effortless tips to shave your winters without encountering skin or hair issues.

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6 Basic Skin And Hair Care Routine for This Winter

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