5 Rarely Known Tips for Asphalt 8

Regardless of whether you are an Apple, Android or a Windows user, mobile game players particularly those a fan of car racing, all have Asphalt 8: Airborne within their list of top 5 games, arguably if not at the very favorite.

For those new to the world on mobile gaming, highly interested in Asphalt 8: Airborne, mentioned below tips as well as cheats can help you with delivering a flawless race.

Always Opt for Buying the Car Packs

Many may not choose to splurge on this game with real-world currency but in cases where one may be feeling generous enough to treat themselves, make sure to opt for purchasing the car packs.

The advantage of a car pack allows users of being able to choose from among a range of vehicles that may pertain to various car classes.

Be Unpredictable

In situations where boost bottles are approaching in a line of 3, always plan on playing with the mind of your opponents by making it seem as though you will be opting for the middle boost bottle. With that, the opponent will position themselves to grab either the one of the left or on the right.

To play with your opponent correctly, make a last-second dive for the same bottle as that they were positioning themselves for. By the time your move has been made, it will be too late for the opponent to switch to the center for the remaining boost.

Do Not Drive Without Nitro

Driving at normal speed without a nitro is considered most definitely as an absolute waste of time. Make sure always to be using nitro for securing your position ahead of your opponents. Even in cases where you may have entirely run out of nitro, make sure to spend your time drifting or also going airborne in attempts to get a little.

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Even with a full nitro-bar, driving at normal speed, do not miss any chances of collecting more nitro boosts. Perfect runs, as well as drifting, can help give you additional advances which can even be considered as being equal to an entire full bar for a lap.

Hitting obstacles can also help gain a limited percentage of nitro, just ensure that you keep your calm to try to get the perfect lap.

Be a Pro at Drifting

Being an absolute PRO at drifting is what makes a good player in Asphalt 8: Airborne, being able to drift brilliantly while also keeping full control can help in some situations. Not only will it give you additional nitro for increasing your speed but also help with defending yourself from cars that are trying to hit you, as well as working to bringing down lampposts to cause a distraction for those following in close pursuit.

In cases where sharp corners or long corners may be approaching, try utilizing the trick of ‘nitro-drifting’ which involves using the nitro for a split second followed by drift, again followed by hammering on the nitro.

Avoiding Knockdowns

At the very start line, if you have a pole positioning, make sure to briefly; yet, fully brake at the very start to help break the momentum of those cars behind you whom of which are accelerating fast.

When they inevitably hit your car, it will only slow them down at impact, but also bump you ahead giving you the ideal opportunity to get away with the mischievous act.

Aside from the tricks mentioned above and tips, it is necessary to realize that it is only practiced on a regular basis that can make a player perfect in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

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