4 School Supplies You Can Use For Organizing Your Notes

Have you experienced any difficulty when answering an exam? Or do you find it easy to solve? 

The reality is, most students would have problems in answering their exams. The problem stems from a student’s inability to arrange their notes–leaving them with write-ups that are more or less composed of jumbled ideas and incoherent thoughts.In the creation of notes, you must organize it, so you will quickly understand what you have written.  As a student, jotting down all the topics you will tackle inside the classroom is an integral aspect of the learning process. After all, your notes would be an indispensable tool in preparing for your exams.

Having notes that you can use begins with organizing them and categorizing them well. In this regard, you would be able to arrange them carefully and meticulously. As a result, it would be easier for you to find the notes that you need just by scanning through pages.

So here are some educational supplies you can buy for writing a better and organized note.

1. Notebook

The first thing you would need is a notebook. A notebook is an essential object in making your notes more effective. A lot of us know what a notebook is and what the purpose of it is. But there is a variety of notebooks you can choose from.  One of this is the spiral notebook.  Considering the spiral notebook’s affordable price, it has been the premier choice of notebook for most students. The pages of the notebook can range from 70 to 200 pages depending on its size. It is wire-bound which makes it easier for students to rip out notes they no longer need. The second type of the notebook is Composition Notebook.

We all know that composition notebook has a firm build considering that a thicker cardboard cover is utilized compared to the one used in a spiral notebook. Alternatively, there is the Binder Notebook which is a kind of notebook with different sections. Binder notebooks were made because some students don’t want to bring a lot of stuff in their bag. Lastly, there is the yarn notebook. This notebook is easy, and smooth type of notebook because unlike composition and spiral, yarn notebook is very safe to use, and when it terms to writing notes, you will be able to write it faster and also organize it properly.

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2. Pen

The pen most suitable for you depends on the type and kind of writing you do. We all know that a  pen is a crucial item you need in writing down your notes. Without a pen, you cannot take down notes in your notebook. There are various types of a pen according to its color and size. Having different colored pens would mean distinguishing one part of your notes from the other. There is also a variation in tip sizes. Ballpoint pens come in various tip sizes that makes it great for everybody especially students who want to have cleaner and organized notes. Next is the Rollerball Pens which is a water-based ink pen. Common tip sizes are between 0.5 mm and 0.7–this means they have finer tips that would effectively reduce the size of the line they write. Then, Gel Ink pens are somewhat the same as a ballpoint pen and rollerball pen when it comes to their form.

However, its ink has a high level of thickness which it allows to support more pigments. It comes in different colors and shades. It also comes in pastel, metallic and glittery tones.Lastly, we have the fountain pen which is equipped with metal nib (a pointed part of a pen). It was inspired by the feather pens which was introduced the late 19th century. It is also used as making a calligraphy.

3.Highlighter Pens

Highlighter Pens are common when it comes to organizing our notes because it makes it easier for us to scan what we have written. Furthermore, it enables us to read only pertinent areas of a book or notes and would also give us references when studying. Through this, you won’t miss important details when studying your notes. When choosing a highlighter pen, it should base on the type of paper you will use.

4.Correction Tape

When writing notes, sometimes mistakes are inevitable. Some mistakes or erasures make our notes disorganized. So to organize it, you can buy correction tape so it will be easy for you to wipe out errors. Correction tape is convenient to use as it dries fast.

Remember, if you wish to organize your notes effectively, these items would greatly help you with that. So, if you are brushing up for a major exam, have an arsenal of note-taking weapons and take down that test with a vengeance.

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