How to choose the perfect Step and Repeat Backdrop for Events

All pumped up to promote your brand at an upcoming trade show? Don’t forget to order an attractive step and repeat backdrop for your company’s booth. They aren’t just great for trade shows but also accompany red carpets wonderfully. You’ve probably seen celebrities pose in front of classy backdrops at red carpets of high profile events. Step and repeat backdrops help create a chic ambiance which attendees link to your brand. It makes your business memorable and the photos last forever. Make sure your guests can have access to their photos through a shared online platform.

An excellent advantage of having a step and repeat backdrop for event photography is that it can be connected directly to your social media campaign. You may gain hundreds of new followers on social media at just one event.

Before you rush to order one for your business, go through the important considerations that contribute to the effectiveness of your step and repeat backdrop.

Size matters

Of course, it may be a bit difficult to judge what size you should get if it is your first time. Although step and repeat backdrops are a good investment they are not super cheap; the bigger the size the higher the price. You have to think about the individual as well as group photos. People love taking group selfies with selfie sticks too. It won’t look appealing if your backdrop is too small for the camera’s frame. Generally, 8 feet is a suitable height but you’ll have to decide the width wisely.


Step and repeat backdrops need to be weather resistant, scratch resistant and make the attendees look good posing in front of it. Most companies offer vinyl, matte vinyl, and fabrics like polyester for backdrops. Vinyl may be the cheapest option available but it is more suited to daytime events where you have plenty of sunlight. Camera flash and vinyl don’t go well together. Matte vinyl is a great alternative to fix this issue.

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Remember that a step and repeat backdrop is mainly about advertising your business. The investment you pour into it must give a good return. The major thing that helps your target audience identify your company is your logo. Many businesses prefer to have a tiled logo design on their backdrop. You can also add in your official social media handles. If you’re in a pinch, you can approach sponsors to fund this campaign and incorporate their logos there as well.

How to choose the perfect Step and Repeat Backdrop

Color scheme

It’s never smart to go overboard with designs for corporate purposes especially since minimalism has over the graphic design scene. It’s an excellent idea to use your brand’s official colors for your backdrop but be careful. You don’t want to select an unusual color that clashes with people’s outfits leading to unflattering photos. Pure white backgrounds aggravate the situation if the material is vinyl so try to choose darker colors to fill up empty space.


A step and repeat backdrop is the kind of investment that brings you long-term benefit. One backdrop won’t just work for a simple campaign. You can easily reuse it at multiple events if the design is all about your brand. This means you need to move it from one location to another. You don’t want to be fumbling around to make sure it’s light and portable.

Backdrop setup

There are a million things to focus on the day of an event. So, you want to select a backdrop that may readily be assembled by anyone in your team. It should be quick and hassle-free not to mention it should stand steadily in its chosen place.


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