Communication Culture: How To Deal With It as A Newbie

All workplaces in various industries, a serviced office Makati for example, have an existing culture involving communication. Though the culture came before you and those above you, there is always room to make it better. The underlying culture may not work for everyone. It may not be beneficial to other departments and teams.

As a valuable asset to the company, raising the concern is essential. Bringing it up starts with communication. What if the problem stems from the lack of communication?

Communication is vital in the workplace because people are involved in the space. Humans are social beings with feelings and thoughts. They need to vent and represent their ideas. As a newbie in the office, here’s how you can take a moment or two to improve communication and call out attention.

1. Make the first move

It’s difficult to be the first one to open up on this topic especially if you’re the new kid. You will come off as imposing, insensitive, a know-it-all and other terms not entirely new to the scene. All you wanted was the best for everyone. The team is already suffering from lack of contact and interaction, wouldn’t it be better if you did something to change that?

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Wouldn’t it be better to know you did something rather than wait for the issues to blow out of proportion?

If you find yourself in the situation, try setting yourself as an example. You can start by throwing a happy morning greet to set a positive tone before beginning the workday. Pluck up the courage to invite your seatmate or colleague for coffee or snacks during breaks. Feel free to ask questions, share insights and thoughts while getting your caffeine fix.

2. Find ways to interact

Following the initial conversation or encounter, you can continue the talk away from your desks. Inspire and encourage those next to you for a walk. If there are empty rooms in the office, maximize the space to catch up on the details of his or her experience working in the company and how much fun it is to be at work each day.

Try to make the exchange as light as possible and deviate from deep and personal topics. After they’ve warmed up to you, you can proceed to discuss office dynamics and how you can contribute to making it better.

3. Become consistent

Communication and establishing relationships isn’t a one-time thing. It takes effort and time to build a relationship. Thus, you need to keep the flow of constant.

If you chat with them on a certain, stay on track and talk to them during those times. If you hang with them on a specific day, don’t blow it off. Only do so if you have an urgent meeting with your boss or a client.

Being consistent shows how genuine you are in getting to know them. An hour spent together will reveal a lot. Spending time to get to know them proves how deeply you are interested in the people you work with each day. You are not just after something in return.

4. Be aware of how you conduct yourself online

Most companies use an app or a messaging system that provides an efficient correspondence. Being mindful of how you manage yourself online is something you need to watch out. People cannot see or hear the way you deliver your response. They may translate a one-word reaction to indifference and aloofness.

To avoid miscommunication, remember to review your response before hitting send. Make sure you use words that come naturally to you. Always include ‘please,’ ‘Thank you’ and greetings depending on the time of the day. Last but not the least, head straight to the point. A long and winded message may come off as TMI (too much information) or worse, making an excuse.

5. Follow up

Don’t leave people hanging. At this point, you already have an idea of their personality. Do they enjoy constant stimulation from their surroundings? Would they instead spend time on their own?

If they equally enjoy their time with other people, initiate conversation on a weekly basis. They may be the ones to reach out to you if they are comfortable around you. If not, instate meetings once a month. Other people prefer keeping to themselves are better off communicating at a minimum. Offer once a month dates to exchange ideas.

Communication can be a ride through the breeze or thunder and typhoons. It all depends on the condition in the workplace. To move past the clash of light and heavy drops of water, you have to be firm and confident to carry on the travel to a safe place. You can apply these tips in your workplace and watch as you move from the dark, cloudy and overcast areas to the bright sunlight.

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