Most Beautiful Islands In Croatia

Croatia has become the top tourist destination countries in Europe for some reasons. Just off the Coast of Croatia, nothing awaits you but a stunning array of beautiful islands. There are over 1200 islands which vary in size. Here is an overview of Croatia’s most beautiful islands.


Rab became famous in 1936 when King Edward VIII took his new wife named Wallis Simpson to the island. The most stunning part of the King’s visit came when he (king) took off his garments and threw himself into the beautiful sea setting of the Island’s stunning beauty to a royal start. The beaches at Rab remain untouched by the turbulent mountain winds, and the small town is a home to cream walls and church towers that soar into the sky. Both locals and tourists are proud of Rab, and each year, the Island is usually swept up into a feverish party mood as the summer festival approaches.


This one is a long and slender Island which is located 25 miles from Split. It is regarded as Croatia’s coolest partying destination for locals and tourists. The Island hosts one of the most valuable UNESCO World heritage sites- Stari Grad Plain, where the cultivation pattern of olive trees laid out by ancient Greek colonists has been preserved for over two thousand years. It is the hub of Croatia property industry with world class hotels. If you have ever tested any brand of Croatia’s best red wine, then it was probably produced on this island and in particular, around Sveta Nedelja lying on the steep west coast of the beautiful Hvar island.


Locals here believe that Marco Polo was born in Korcula town, but one will wonder why he ever left the small town. This island is known for its dense forest cover interspersed with vineyards, olive groves, and stone quarries. While in Korcula, you can visit Lumbarda for amazing sandy beaches and vineyards or take a motor boat and sail to the woodlands of Badija. Meet some of the beautiful stone carvings by the legendary ancient Korculan carvers beautifully displayed on the streets of the Island.


Locals and tourists refer to Krk as the “golden island.” The island borders Western Europe. It is actually connected to the mainland by a bridge which makes it even more accessible. The island boasts of a vast array of landscapes. While the southern tip of the island offers gentle bays, the northern end of it is almost barren. The most popular activities that take place here include waterskiing, scuba diving, paragliding and jet skiing. The main inland area of Krk has fertile soils and rocky hills suitable for grape farming.


Vis is famous for its long history of wine growing which makes it the most preferred destination for wine enthusiasts. Though isolated, the island remains charming and stylish. The island boasts of a well-preserved nature and a wide variety of ecological attractions. Its waters are crystal clear, and nobody can avoid the breathtaking isolated beaches and a number of historical sights on the island.

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