7 “New” Tourist Spots in London You Shouldn’t Miss

London is one of the oldest cities in the world yet its charm remains timeless. Every year, millions of tourists from different parts of the globe visit it and explore its attractions. There’s a great abundance of destinations within the UK’s capital for visitors to check out; there’s the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Westminster Abbey – places that have long defined London’s panorama.

However, if you’re looking for amazing spots in this city that are not as cliche as those mentioned, London definitely has a lot of those as well for you to visit on your next holiday. You won’t find as many other tourists crowding them and holding up informal queues with their picture taking.

Listed below are seven “new” tourist spots that are sure to take your London experience to a whole new level, especially if you’re looking for…

1.     Something quirky – The Seven Noses


Seven Noses are found in Soho and they are created by artist Rick Buckley, who literally put his nose(s) to the grindstone after taking inspiration from the activities of Situationists. The Seven Noses is great to visit if you’re on a walking tour, you’re up for a mini-scavenger hunt (sort of) and you’re thrilled about the “possibility” of great wealth coming your way.

2.     New books – Persephone Books

If you love reading and it’s a must for you to pick up a tome from the places you travel to, then Persephone Books is a great place for a purchase. It reprints and sells neglected fiction and nonfiction books by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers.

3.     Nature in the city – St. Dunstan’s in the East

This enchanting garden boasts of lush foliage and beautiful Gothic architecture. It’s often quiet here since it’s rarely crowded so if you wish to take pictures or perhaps sketch images on paper, you will enjoy the peace this place offers.

Nature in the city – St. Dunstan’s in the East

4.     “Whatever” shopping experience – Portobello Road Market

Most tourists would head straight to Harrods but if you’re looking for offbeat finds, Portobello Road Market promises to be a more satisfying shopping destination. Actually, this isn’t such a new place to visit but it always proves to be a lovely surprise for those who are more used to the “posh” side of London. Here, you’ll find long-established antique shops, organic fruit and vegetable vendors, and booths selling second-hand clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, musical instruments and various knickknacks. Local designers also display their handmade wares here.

5.     A touch of country chic and charm – Hampstead

If you want to see a charming English village that also has a flourishing indie music scene, Hampstead is the place to go. Your best move is to get a car chauffeur service to easily see the traditional English homes and visit Hampstead Heath. This option also allows you to organize your tour of London better – and perhaps do away with hours of being lost,

6.     A movie-famous location – Notting Hill

Loved the setting of the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts flick? That’s one good reason to visit Notting Hill, but this community offers so much more that will surely delight you. The homes and commercial buildings in Notting Hill are painted in nice pastel colors; you surely will feel quite cheery even if it’s another rainy day in the city. There’s also an abundance of locally owned businesses here from tea rooms, cafes (such as Farm Girl, which is famous for its rose latte drizzled with crushed rose petals), bakeries, and of course, bookstores.

7.     Sweet treats – Peggy Porschen’s Parlour

 Sweet treats – Peggy Porschen’s Parlour

Located in Belgravia, this cake-selling boutique never fails to delight tourists who love things dainty with its girly pink building exterior and luxurious interior design. It offers a selection of treats (ice miniature cakes, meringue kisses, cookies, and many others) that you may want to gift your loved ones back home. You can also enjoy a mean cup of cappuccino here before your London chauffeur service takes you to the airport – making it the perfect final stop for your London experience.

One of the greatest blessings of travel is being able to discover something new and being enriched by it. So, when you come to London, don’t just head to the usual tourist spots, go off the grid every now and then – you may just enjoy yourself more.

Nature in the city – St. Dunstan’s in the East

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