5 Places You Need To Visit In Croatia

If you’re heading to Europe, one of the best places to visit is Croatia. With its long coastline and beautiful mountains, Croatia has an abundance of natural beauty, and much of this breathtaking scenery is protected in its national park system. There are also a wealth of cultural and historical sites including cathedrals and more that delight tourists from around the world. Keep reading for a list of places in Croatia that you need to visit on your next trip to Europe.

1. Zagreb

The city of Zagreb is more than 1000 years old. It’s both the largest city in the country and also the capital of Croatia. With more than a million people, there are both historic and modern areas in this large city. Enjoy cobblestone streets and historic buildings as well as government centers and modern transportation options.

Zagreb is near the foothills of the Medvednica mountain. Because the city is warm in the summer and mild in the winter, it’s a great place to visit any time of year. Historically, the city has Hungarian influences. There are lots of places in the city that tourists shouldn’t miss, such as the Square of the Victims of Fascism and the Richter’s Skyscrapers, commonly known as the Rockets.

2. Kornati National Park

This park is a national treasure, and for good reason. Kornati National Park has breathtaking waterfalls and wildlife. Located off of the Krka River, the park is visitor friendly, with lots of walkways and mapped trails. Visitors also enjoy boat rides into the crystal clear water.

The nearest city is Sibenik. On your visit to Kornati National Park, make sure you take some time to visit Sibenik. This small beautiful city is where tourists fall in love. This city is growing in popularity, and the industry of real estate in Sibenik is booming as a result.

3. Dubrovnik

Head down to this coastal city to experience the Mediterranean sun and do some sightseeing. This city is classically Mediterranean with its orange rooftops dotting the sunny, blue sky. St. Blaise Church is a must while you’re in town and the Franciscan monastery has a breathtaking collection of religious relics. When you’re done sightseeing, there is no shortage of beaches for you to soak in the sun. This city has seen a surge in development in the last twenty years but there are also historical sites that have lasted since the Renaissance.

4. Plitvice National Park

This national park stuns with deep green, gray and blue water and a series of intertwining lakes. Tourists can take boats and also use walkways to explore this park. There are waterfalls and rivers, and they are made even more beautiful by a series of dams. Water in the park eventually flows into the Korana River.

5. Hvar

If you love beautiful wineries, olive trees and lavender fields, you’ll love the city of Hvar. This island town in Europe is in the Adriatic Sea, and tourists flock to the city to enjoy their summer holidays. A fortress and ancient city walls await visitors and the Hvar Cathedral is worth a visit, and there are boats available for day trips from the island. Because of the abundance of olives and wine, there are lots of boutique restaurants on the island and no shortage of local flavor for visitors to take in while they visit.

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