Top 7 Apps for University Students


 “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”- Clay P. Bedford

Ever since the genesis of personal computers, technology has been seen as an avenue for shortcuts and in some cases, it has even been considered as cheating. Older generations would rage at how the younger generation does not value the beauty of true research and hard work by dismissing the act of delving into the internet for research material as merely cutting corners. However, the true beauty lies in this convenient alternative. Students would no longer have to lug volumes of books and studying apparatuses; technology has made all these accessible with the click of a finger. Various mobile apps are made to cater to any student’s needs, and it is in this sheer ingenuity that students are able to focus more on their current discipline and study rather than spend time poring page after page looking for a particular theory.

Top 7 Apps for University Students

In more ways than one, modern technology has helped mold and reshape the way students learn today, and these apps would appropriately complement their professor’s tutelage and thereby increasing their comprehension of a particular subject matter. Below is a selection of the best apps for university students that would greatly aid them in their learning endeavors.

 1.) Dropbox

No self-respecting student would neglect to have a Dropbox application for their phones as well as their other gadgets. With this nifty app, students will no longer fear losing notes or coursework as it allows students to upload different files from documents to videos in the cloud and simply grab them online at their behest—even if they left their gadgets at home. It is an excellent storage site as the only thing that is really needed to access files is an Internet connection.

2.) Scribd

Law students and medicine students rejoice! The Internet is in possession of the world’s biggest library known as Scribd. This application would help students find useful content from different documents to books pivotal to their studies—all of which are uploaded and by various students across the continents. Establish your own online library by uploading various texts, books, and notes that you would need and share these with the online community.

 3.) Studious

Students are notorious for forgetting deadlines, exam schedules, time and date of lectures and the subject of their next classes. All these will be a thing of the past once they have Studious downloaded as it keeps track of everything they need to remember for classes, lectures, deadlines and exams. Students would only need to enter the information as regards the class, professor, location, time, etc. and it would give you notifications and reminders for it.

 4.) SelfControl

With modern technology even bigger and more developed than it was before, students are easily distracted by anything on the Internet. More often than not, they would be sidetracked by a pressing need to check for Facebook notifications, Instagram photos or share their thoughts on Twitter. With their study tool teeming with distractions, getting any work done would present itself as a challenge. SelfControl is an app that has been dedicated to helping a student focus by blocking certain websites that would distract students from studying for a certain amount of time. When study or lecture time is over, students can freely visit their favorite websites again.

 5.) JumpCut

Students are known to abuse the copy and paste feature that they probably utilize these buttons more than the rest when they are writing their essays. Though it is not exactly advisable, some students would just add their thoughts to an existing material which is copied. JumpCut makes it easier as this application saves you time by giving you access to all the previous texts you have copied and pasted before.

6.) Google Drive

University students will be missing a whole lot if they do not already have this app. Google Drive has multiple features which students can actually take advantage of and considering that most students have a significant number of Google Docs, it would only be logical to have access to all these documents from anywhere and everywhere. Students will relax knowing that they can access their Google files from their mobile device through this app.

7.) Clear

Among all individuals who would routinely use to-do lists, it is students who need them most. They have to-do lists for almost anything and everything—one for their lectures, another for a particular research paper, another for their thesis, etc. Instead of having all these lists in separate papers or different gadgets, why not consolidate them and synchronize each and every one of them in order to have access from wherever. The Clear app is excellent for this as it syncs all to-do- lists with other devices and can be accessed wherever there is Internet access.

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