Uber Drivers Are Not Part Time Workers, They Are Employees

Uber transportation service

Uber is a transportation service, which offers a useful trip to the passengers in and around the city. With a new technology emerging everyday in today’s world Uber has taken many steps to take up new challenges. This makes the service to offer many useful services to the society such as truck and transportation, data sharing facilities and much more. The company planned in such a way that it is useful to the company as well as the drivers.

A new trend has emerged that the drivers who are all working with Uber are not a part time workers instead they should be treated as employees say, the Switzerland government. So, the Uber driver receives some authority, which has features like working in a gale. The driver has been working with the feedback from the mobile application, which is managed by the organization of Uber.

The service also offers some other applications, which relate to the transportation network. The main aim of the service is to make the journey a better and comfortable one for the travelers as per their wish. In a recent survey, this service is edging other services and it makes high competition with The Lyft. This organization is a private one and it is useful to the employees and other applications.

Uber Drivers Are Not Part Time Workers, They Are Employees

Financial Condition of Uber

As per the employment law, the drivers who work for the Uber transportation service will receive the best salary in the industry. The income is higher when compared to another transportation service. Depending upon the distance of the travel of the riders the driver can able to get a salary.

This provides the best economic status of the drivers who work with Uber’s transportation. During the holiday season, the organization provides leave for particular drivers. There is also a possibility that the drivers can compensate their holidays. The salary of the drivers will not be reduced regarding these kinds of issues.

Subsidiary services

The requirement of Uber’s mobile applications leads to subsidiary services in the transportation network. It competes with the Airbnb and Lyft, which is similar to Uber service. This service provides other personal services as clothing, bicycle renting and leasing the parking spaces. Airbnb spreads around 140 cities and 37 countries that offer safe renting and journey to the travelers. It has nearly 10 thousand employees with indispensable features. Though this application holds good for almost all services it is unable to beat the transportation of Uber. The drivers are adhering as per the condition of US fair labor standards and it offers all rights to the employees.

In the working environment of the employees, there needs to be some physical integration. The Swiss government well established some order for the employees and this service emerges and respects the hard work of the drivers. Submission of the project needs the employees a complete co-ordination, which is usually done by the driver. Some drivers can able to achieve a particular task without considering the exact location. This has an association with the users to find their skills towards the process of driving.

Uber Drivers Should Be Treated As Employees Says, Swiss Insurance Provider

A London committee declared that Uber drivers should be classified as employees rather than the independent constructors. This decision makes serious complications on the ride sharing company and so it is called as gig economy. This serious decision does not mean that the company is not responsible for services such as costs, Social Security, paid sick days, gas, car maintenance, health insurance and much more.

If all the drivers are evenly considered as employees, then the organization has to pay for all these facilities as well as to manage a workforce of more than a million. This will force not only thousands of Uber drivers working in this country, but all the workers who work in the so-called gig economy. Their employees are wrongly classified as self-employed and decline them the rights to which they are entitled.

Gig Economy

This is a term, which is given to the labor force in which someone is hired, through usual category like a digital marketplace, to work on demand, and for short-term obligation. Uber provides a mobile application that allows the passenger to hail a ride from their mobile phones. The firm started its operations in San Francisco and now it is one of the world largest and popular ride hailing services. This service runs currently in 450 cities in more than 70 countries.

This organization is the highest valued venture endeavor backed firm in the world with an evaluation of $ 68 billion. Most of the evaluation is based on the Uber’s ability to be effective by running its ride hailing service. If the firm has to pay for driver’s expenses, revenue could be transferred to the travelers.

Switzerland combines with the UK to acknowledge Uber driver as employees

Discussions have been going on for the past couple of years, and Uber consistently explained that drivers are the freelancer because the drivers expect this is what they want. Out of a thousand, ten people work conveniently with Uber because they wanted them to be self-employed and so they do say the UK’s general manager in an email to CNET. The majority of the drivers who use the Uber application love to keep their freedom and adaptability of being able to drive whenever and wherever they want.

In The United States of America, Uber convinced two identical arguments in the month of April about the classification of drivers. This was brought in California and Massachusetts, which involves 385,000 drivers. In the agreement, Uber was permitted to continue categorizing its drivers,as independent, self-employers but the only thing is that they need to pay a sum of $100 million dollars to the drivers who are participating in the suit.

The ride-sharing company also agreed to such kind of acknowledgment which includes giving drivers more information when they are outlawed from the service, not canceling drivers at will and creating a “driver Association” to locate the driver’s affair. The London Central Employment committees have taken further decisions regarding this issue. The committee proposed that Uber drivers would be treated as employees, earn at least the minimum wages and get paid vacations.

The court will hold another hearing which determines the amount of pay that the drivers should gain. While this decision frightens the Uber’s business model, which is at present limited to only two drivers. The Uber transport has more than 40,000 drivers in the UK. Lawyers said they aim to open upto thousands of


Thus by implementing the new prospect, the Switzerland government has made new authentication for the drivers who are working with the Uber’s organization. It gives respect and proper support to the drivers and it is an efficient way to improve the satisfaction of the drivers and the riders.

Now, the service is made to link with mobile applications and other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Hike, and much more and with the help of this rider can book their tickets as well. The headquarters of Uber is located in The United States of America. Thus the implementation of ride-hailing service,riders, drivers,and the organization gets a great benefit.

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