Will Google Allo surpasses WhatsApp in Future?

A few years ago, an instant messaging chat was released by Google named GTalk on the mobile and introduced Hangouts, which are confusing to most of the people. Now the company wants to set it on the right path, and hence the company launched Allo at its developer-centric in San Francisco.  Allo is a messaging app which will work not with a website identification number but with a phone number similarly to that of the WhatsApp functionality.

Will Google Allo surpasses WhatsApp in Future

Allo is an amazing messaging app that makes the conversations easier and more revealed one. It is based on the phone number so that one can get in touch with anyone in one’s phone book. And with the deeply integrated machine learning, Allo has smart features to keep the conversations flowing and to help us to get the things done. However, WhatsApp is a gigantic one. And not only WhatsApp but also chat apps like We Chat, and the iMessage have a huge number of users.

The major Reasons why Google Allo is at the top of trend

The Google Assistant

Allo-The Google Assistant

Although WhatsApp has unique features of sending a location, file, picture, audio recording, etc. these are all saved files that are being shared through the app, which makes communication so much closer. However, where Allo differs is that a person could be wondering about the travel time to a certain place, or the best flights to certain destination or discounts on hotels and all we have to do are type in @Google followed the order or question. The next important thing we know, it will be providing us with all the details, accompanied by a series of pictures wherever available.

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In-message searches

One could be making any restaurant plan or expressing about a new song to the people on Whatsapp each time we wish to share and exchange information- we have to close WhatsApp or run it the background and get to a food/music app to copy the concerned links or files to send in the chat.

With the help of Google Allo, one can just type @Google and ask about potential hotels or the particular song in the middle of the chat, and it will provide the folks with the links to both in the chat so it can be viewed and shared with one’ s contacts at their foresight. So it is saving the user the trouble of temporarily closing g the chat to find the relevant data, providing it on the screen for both instead.

Automatic Responses

The app can provide automatic responses to the messages on behalf of the user. This is done through the software that contains machine-learning technology, which gets better at picking up the user’s mostly used responses with the increased usage of the app. The automatic response of the messages are enabled here, which are build up with greater use, and it is convenient for the people who are on the run and are too busy to type out a response.

Picture Recognition

Google has integrated picture acknowledgment in this app, making it possible for it to identify a received picture and also suggest an automate response. For example, if a friend or colleague sends a picture of a beautiful flower, it will suggest beautifully or wow as a response, depending on the maximum usage of either, from which one can choose the more applicable one and send it across many of them.

Allo-Picture Recognition

Selective end to end encryption

While both WhatsApp and Allo offer end to end encryption for chats, But in the Google Allo, one can select the contact one who wants to chat with in incognito mode, through its Incognito chat option. Along with this, the chat will disappear after have finished the talk, depending on the expiration period one have set. In case, one has switched off the expiration period; the chats won’t disappear.

Text formatting and more advanced features

Google Allo allows the person to format the text and send across larger and smaller font sizes of the text messages, allowing the person to increase or decrease the text size by sliding the send button up and down respectively, a feature that WhatsApp does not allow. It also has a wider array of emojis collection and even allows the user to scribble on the pictures before sending it to their friends or colleagues.

The most attractive Google Brand Tagline

All of us know that WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, but Google Allo is a pure Google creation. The goal of not acquiring features like direct calling or video calls is to divert the folks to other Google apps like Duo and Hangouts. It has the power of Google search both the sides of the mailbox and also makes communication easier and much more authenticated for the folks. Although WhatsApp is the said to be the king of the virtual chat communications platform, there is a possibility that Google Allo will enter the field and soon take the lead.

Taking Privacy to the next Level

The privacy and the security of chats have been taken to another level by Allo. Their chats are encrypted using the standard technologies like Transport Security Layer. But web browser like Google Chrome has an incognito mode; one can go incognito on Allo as well. When a person chats in this mode, messages have end-to-end encryption, and additional privacy features like chat history will disappear after a person has finished the talk, depending on the expiration period one have set.

In any scenario, if a person has switched off the expiration period, the chats won’t disappear. One can also message the friends who are not yet using Google Allo through the Short Message Service. Even though WhatsApp recently started to offer the encryption for chats, Allo has taken a step further with the specific end-t-end encryption feature.

Smart and quick Replies

All has an excellent feature which is known to be Smart Replies. It allows the folks to reply to any message at any time. As for instance, if a friend or colleague invites us for the movies, it will show up a series of lines text to let us accept or refuse the invite. It is very helpful as it not only saves time but also allows us to communicate with ease. Allo also uploads images and videos a faster than WhatsApp and hence if a person wants to share a funny video or a high-resolution image with a friend, we won’t get stuck at uploading, and it is known to be a significant feature.

Supremely Advanced

In terms of features, Allo is the best in the enterprise. No other messaging app is user-friendly as it. The ability to let a person search right inside the app or communicate with more privacy makes it superior. The power of Google not only makes Allo most versatile one but also more trustworthy. With the period of unmatched expertise, the tech giant is more equipped one. Though Facebook has also become very popular, it is still a no match with the excellence of Google. The company has been a trustworthy company for years. If the trust is coupled with the ultra-modern technology, then Allo will be at the top of the world in the future.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well-known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

Will Google Allo surpasses WhatsApp in Future

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