5 World’s Best Cities to Visit

From remote islands to mega-metropolises, Asia’s top cities offer a healthy dose of culture, history, and adventure. Having nearly 50 countries and a home to more than half of the world’s population, Asian cities do not lack exciting things. Outdoor enthusiasts, gourmands, and history lovers will find cities that feel like they were meant for them. While there are many cities worth enjoying and exploring these are the top 5 best looking Asian cities.

1. Tokyo

As a 2020 Olympics host and as a Japan’s capital, it has more restaurants than anywhere else including even the ones that specializes in blowfish. Apart from the restaurants if you decide to go shopping you will find some of the best malls in the world. Since it’s a fast paced city, as a visitor you might find it hard to cope with the traffic, fashion, and hotels. However, no matter your moods you will not help but come out with a smile on your face.

2. Hong Kong

If you want to learn more about china then you need to visit this former British colony. However, you should not make any mistake there is a huge difference between China and Britain. This amazing city has mountains to climb, lively excursions, skyscrapers to admire, and parks to visit. Since the energy is palpable, you cannot resist staying out late at night. As a world-class metropolis, Hong Kong has many culinary hotspots and museums and its traditional hong kong massage is also unique and relaxing. In fact, after visiting this city you might ask yourself why you didn’t visit it before.

3. Mumbai India

Having an enormous film industry, a visit to Mumbai is one of the best ways to see the different colors that the city brings to the continent. Apart from taking a guided tour of Dharavi, you can visit Mani Bhavan which was once a home to Mahatma Gandhi. There is no doubt that over 1 million people live within this city. While it may be hard to escape the loud sounds of honking horns there is no doubt that this is one of the best Asian cities.

4. Bangkok

As one of the most visited places in the world, Bangkok is famous for its 24-hour street food. With Chao Phraya River flowing through the city, Bangkok has numerous floating markets. You can also take guided boat tours to allow you to visit some of its markets and enjoy a taste of its coconut juice, tropical fruits, and local foods prepared right from the boat. As a first time visitor, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Its dynamic environment and persistent crowds require a lot of energy. From humidity to humanity the city seems to have everything in one place.

5. Kyoto

This city is Japan’s political and financial capital and it also stands out as the country’s cultural center. Its rich wealth of shrines and historic temples cannot be compared to any other place in the continent. But no matter where you visit you will be amazed by what Kyoto has to offer. Its centuries-old pagodas and shrines share it with big companies such as Nintendo and some other big electronic manufacturers in Japan. The city of Kyoto will definitely bring your imaginations to life.

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