How To Experience Beautiful Split

Split is a city that can be traced in the cape between the eastern section of the Gulf of Kaštela and the Split Channel. The beautiful city of Split is the second largest in Croatia neighboring the Adriatic Sea with a population of about 180,000 inhabitants. The town is known for its beaches, the islands, historic buildings and most importantly the culture of the people. With its amazing destinations, the city receives a large number of tourists who arrive by various means of transport such planes, and by road to explore. The arrangement of the city makes it easy to get from one point of the city to another via split taxi or bus. The hotels that provide accommodation are mostly located in the town center, outside the city and others near the beaches.

Split, Croatia

Split as one of the oldest can be experienced in magical ways. As a tourist new to Split, some of the top three ways to maximize your experience include;

Learning and exploring the age-old buildings

As earlier mentioned, Split is one of the oldest cities founded as a Greek colony in the 2nd or 3rd century BC. The many historic buildings still stand leaving a lot of room for adventure by getting to learn and experience the great history. Some of these buildings to visit include the famous Diocletian’s palace, the Cathedral of St Domnius, the temple of Jupiter among others.

Another ancient historic symbol that cannot go without mentioned is the Meštrović Art Gallery, a sculptor of Ivan Meštrović constructed between the years 1931 to 1939. The gallery contains creations and collections of the once famous sculptor as a remembrance.

Beautiful Split

Beautiful landscape forms, parks, and sunny beaches

Another thing that attracts many visitors to this City is its natural endowment. The natural landscapes include the Solana, the Klis Fortress, and the national parks. One famous park is the Krka National Park with a magnificent trail that takes about forty-five minutes. The trail exposes the blue waterfalls flowing into a pool.

Of course one cannot be on holiday without experiencing the fun of the Splits sunny beaches. The most popular being the Bačvice. The forms of relaxation include sun lounging, ball games, swimming and taking cruises on the Split party boat.

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Amazing food and Croatian drinks

Being in the coastal city, Split has delicious and fresh seafood to try out. In addition to the seafood, the market provides fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Also, with the hot sun, enjoying some Split ice cream is heavenly as the beautiful city is known for its ice cream. The drink and party lovers are not left out as there are many bars around. A famous drink enjoyed by both visitors and the locals is the Croatian brew Nova Runda at the famous pub crawl in the Diocletian’s Palace.

Things you will need

All you need for this trip is regular stuff you use, acquire and organize before every trip. Most important thing is to go into this trip with a positive mind and eagerness to explore and experience something new and exciting.

Final Tips

Having in mind the history and the amazing experiences that Split has to offer, it is important to have a few details in mind. First, thorough research on the different airplane flights available should be done to ensure scheduled visits are not affected with flight delays or any other interference. Secondly, the selection and booking of the hotel for accommodation during the visit should be done in advance as Split experiences visitor booms that may result in the lack of adequate accommodation. Finally, get most out of the visit by traveling on foot to feel nature and take pictures that hold memories to last a lifetime.

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