Samsung unveils the cause of Galaxy Note 7 blasts

The South Korean multinational Samsung unveiled research data on hazardous fires Galaxy Note 7 and confirmed that as batteries were responsible for this failure that has cost the company more than 4,800 million euros.

The head of the mobile division, Koh Dong-jin, presented in Seoul test results after for months the company remain silent on the causes of the problem , which contributed to further worsen its image after the fiasco of these dis-positives.

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In any case, the findings of the study by Samsung and three other entities (the US consulting UL and Exponent, and the German company technical inspection and TÜV Rheinland certification) rule out the theory of those analysts who believe that squeezed to the limit The design of the apparatus.

Thus, the existence of hardware or software problems that would blush the world’s largest mobile manufacturer to a greater extent would seem to be discarded.

The Galaxy Note 7 crash started just days after it began selling on August 19, when the company received battery reports that caught fire during the charging process to the point of announcing a recall of the product on September 2.

After offering the 2.5 million people who had bought the “PHABLET” replacement devices manufactured by another supplier and who returned to give problems battery, Samsung decided on October 11 to stop making this model.

The event generated an operating loss, according to estimates by Samsung, of about 6.1 trillion won (about 4,863 million euros / 5,209 million dollars).

Research has been for a month to 700 technicians and engineers recreating in four manufacturing the Galaxy Note 7 (one South Korea, one in Vietnam and two in China) processes of loading and unloading with about 200,000 coupled devices and 30,000 Lithium-ion batteries.

The conclusion is that the battery of the first Galaxy Note , manufactured by Samsung SDI (subsidiary of the group), were made with too little coating.

This did not allow the battery to expand and contract properly during the charging and discharging cycles by having the positive and negative electrodes come into contact and short-circuited.

The spare battery, manufactured by a Hong Kong company, was not originally troublesome, although these appeared once the company had to multiply its production to unprecedented levels to meet Samsung’s demand.

This caused failures in quality control and made several units erroneously were to be manufactured without isolation membranes, enabling circuitousness again.

“Today, more than ever, we are committed to gaining consumer confidence,” Koh said in the presentation, where he said the South Korean technology giant is already implementing a number of quality control processes with new protocols and a new Specific eight-point test for batteries.

To recover, the company has ahead the launch of its new phone flagship, the Galaxy S8 , and the presentation tomorrow, its financial results throughout 2016, in which a significant recovery in operating profit expected by The biggest chip and display sales.

This would mean a consolation after the fiasco of the Galaxy Note and the company’s involvement in the corruption scandal of the ” Rasputina” that has shaken South Korea.

The latter prompted prosecutors to file an injunction last week to arrest Samsung Electronics’ group leader and vice-president Lee Jae-yong, which did not materialize when dismissed by a court, avoiding what would have been a very tough Blow for the conglomerate.

Samsung rises 2.3% on Stock Exchange after giving explanations

Shares of Samsung Electronics have closed Monday’s session on the Seoul Stock Exchange with a rise of 2.31%, after the South Korean manufacturer explained at a press conference the cause that caused the incidents of mobile phones of the Range Galaxy Note 7, as well as measures taken to prevent similar problems from occurring again.

Thus, shares of Samsung Electronics have terminated the session in the 1,903,000 won, a price just 1.9% below the record high of securities of the company, reached last January 12.

cause of Galaxy Note 7 blasts-prahub

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