How much do celebrities charge for a ‘Tweet’?

Twitter is more than a social network is a great platform where thousands of brands, and even celebrities, do business every day. It has become a major lure to attract consumers , so it is not surprising to see athletes, actors, characters of the show and celebrities in general, to launch advertising tweets.

Companies have long found that Twitter has a much higher than television or radio audience and, therefore, invest here can go much more profitable. Its strategy: pay for Tweet in favor of the brand to celebrities present in the social network with more influence on and off Twitter. Famous people who move masses.

Brands look for characters that not only have thousands and thousands of followers, but also trust them, read the messages they post, spread their tweets, respond and generate debate. This is known as engagement.

How much do celebrities charge for a Tweet- Prahub

It is what has plenty of celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo , the highest paid athlete in Twitter, according to 2016 media agency Opendorse. CR7, who just won his fourth gold ball is the athlete who enters more money for each ad tweet you put in your profile (@cristiano): 260,490 euros . In fact, he is also the sportsman with more Twitter followers: 49.2 million followers.

In this ranking will follow the NBA player Lebron James , with 123,763 euros and completed the podium another player, FC Barcelona’s Brazilian Neymar , would receive around of euros 100.00 per tweet , and has 26.8 million Followers. The first Spanish listed is Rafa Nadal , who would enter 51,452 euros for each advertising twit . Other players in the level of Sergio Aguero and James Rodriguez can charge around 50,000 euros while riders like Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez would receive a little less, between 20,000 and 15,000 .

But in addition to sportsmen, brands have ‘hooked’ many celebrities, ‘influencers’ and ‘youtubers’. All very young terms like the same people who are behind the terms themselves, because precisely that is what today is engaging consumers. Companies want people who understand the codes of Twitter , people interact with their followers.

In the United States, according to the CAPTIV8 signature published by The New York Times in late 2016. ‘influencer’ or famous to have between three and seven million followers charged for a video agreed with a brand 167,046 euros , 66,800 by a photo and 26,700 for a tweet . Those with between 50,000 and 500,000 followers receive $ 2,500 for a video on YouTube prescription, $ 1,000 for publishing in Instagram or Snapchat and about $ 400 for a publication on Twitter.

According to the US television network Uni-vision, if a brand wants to advertise on the Twitter account of Khloe Kardashian , the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, you will have to pay $ 13,000 for a single tweet. If you want the tweet you post Paris Hilton , with 14.2 million followers, will have to pay $ 80,000, and if the advertiser wants to be Kim Kardashian which will send it to put on the table $ 200,000 for a single Tweet.

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission does not prohibit celebrities from making money with their social profiles, but they do not see well that they do so covertly, so it is customary to see promotional content on hashtags such as #ad or #promo associated content. In Spain is not prohibited either, but it is the celebrities who, according to their criteria, choose to specify that they are advertising a product or not, so it will be very common that we find advertising tweets that do not look like.

 As we said at the beginning, Twitter has a bigger audience than television and radio, and the ads that reach us through the platform can influence as much or more in us than we perceive through other channels. For brands “advertise” on Twitter paying the celebrities for tweet is much cheaper than paying for advertising in television, newspapers or radio, so, here is the business. Everyone wins.
How much do celebrities charge for a Tweet- Prahub

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