Five technological advances that will change your life in 2017

Technology advances at giant steps. No matter the specific field in question: almost every day there is an innovation, more or less flashy. This means that, in part, the world forward and thus, that often people can improve their living conditions or find new ways to make everything more convenient and accessible, besides flashy or entertaining if we talk in terms more focused To leisure.

The arrival of 2017 open season to occur multiple greenfield developments , as well as others that take longer waiting time more forcefully but it was not yet time. In the next 365 days are going to discover small, medium or large things that will become fundamental in a few years, things more focused on improving what is already in the short term or new devices that will change , If only a little, the life (or some aspect) of consumers.

technological advances that will change your life-prahub

It seems that 2017 will be the year of virtual reality to be and all the appliances consume it on the table. It will also be the year in which the voice assistants emerge and become much more used in the day to day and it will be the moment in which the manufacturers of cars say, more roundly, “here are our cars Autonomous and come to stay “.

To summarize for sure what is going to happen in the next 12 times is impossible, but yes you can be making the first sketches of what will really stand out. That is why, so that we are all prepared before everything that comes to us, we must talk about 5 technological advances that are going to change the world (and your life) in 2017.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT for its acronym in English) has stomped a while, but it seems that with the arrival in late 2016 of gadgets like Google Home , this is the year in which much of the home is To be connected.

The IoT is the way to make a smart home, to interface digitally everyday objects with the Internet, such as the thermostat, refrigerator, lights, stereos and even the shower. Many of these devices end up connecting with each other thanks to devices such as Google already named or can be controlled from the mobile phone, making everything easier and more comfortable for anyone.

2016 ended up laying the foundation and 2017 is the year of expansion, the year when most products will eventually reach homes.

Without going any further, at CES 2017 which was held recently time has presented a bed of the future that automatically adjusts overnight to improve the sleep experience and a command that allows you to collect all IoT home devices to control from the. Smart fridges are also on everyone’s lips and some are even able to make the purchase for you.

This is how the Internet of Things works. Video: Youtube

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assistants

Experts and journalists from around the world agree that artificial intelligence and ‘learning machine’ are going to be two of the fastest-growing technological advances in 2017. Artificial intelligence is already at that point where it is easily accessible For everyone, whether for large or small companies, so it is logical to see an improvement in this segment and products that reach the consumer are getting better in this regard.

This type of technology is not merely an ephemeral concept, but ranging from robots that move or learn from their surroundings to the autonomous cars, cybersecurity or mobile applications .

In fact, very hand in hand with artificial intelligence and ‘learning learning’ are the voice assistants who manufacture companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Samsung, who are putting the batteries with their own new assistant Bixby and that Will arrive with the Galaxy S8.

Until now, voice assistants on mobile phones were there, but they were not used too much either. Today as we not only have Google Now, Cortana and Siri , but also with Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home. They are getting more and better, and that makes consumers interact more with them, both to trigger an alarm on the smartphone and to search anything on the Internet, turn on the lights, play music or make a purchase at Amazon .

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Video: Youtube


We know that drones are operational for a few years now, but this is going to be the year in which their use will be more expanded and not simply to fly them in the forest or record aerial images, no matter how fun or beautiful it may be.

In the summer of 2016, the UK government authorized Amazon to start testing parcel delivery using drones, which is known as Amazon Prime Air . The sales portal has a clear intention: launch in the English country a delivery service with unmanned aircraft in 2017 and that orders reach customers in half an hour.

There are still issues in the air, especially in terms of safety and legality, but the first tests have already been made and progress is a reality. Other companies like Correos, UPS, Royal Mail or Walmart have also announced that they will try these types of deals in 2017.

Drones, as virtually all technology, are becoming more and better, and although the distribution of private shopping with them sounds great, have others that sure we will operate during 2017, such as delivering food, clothing, medications or other humanitarian aid in areas that are very difficult to reach otherwise. We will also be able to see the proliferation of rescue drones in territories where conditions make it impossible (or practically) to inspect the terrain well, as in places where natural disasters occur.

Ten incredible drones. Video: Youtube

Virtual reality

The first blow on the table of virtual reality was last year, where all companies took finally appliances market: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR 2016 was the year of the devices, yes, but 2017 will be the Year when these devices finally reach more public by increasing considerably their functions (or their games if we focus on the part related to mere leisure).

The virtual reality is not simply a now that is enjoyed with the helmets and the glasses, but goes much beyond that simple “concept”. Although it is still “in the nappies”, everything indicates that as it develops more and better, it will be a real revolution, both in the way of doing things and in language to explain and understand them.

Virtual reality will not only excel in what paragraph leisure and gaming industry is concerned, but we’ll see how this 2017 will become popular for equal learning opportunities students with special characteristics, to serve as a therapeutic tool or Help in the research of fields such as medicine.

“Virtual reality has to reach the houses and stay,” Laura Raya, an expert in the field, commented in an interview at the end of 2016. The forecasts indicate that in 2017 will be the year in which quality content will truly be created. Will be carried out by professionals in the sector. “Thanks to this, it will reach many more users and in ten years we can be talking about an RV that is not limited only to the eye, but the ear, touch and smell will go hand in hand to generate a virtual environment really immersive and spectacular “Concluded the expert by giving us a few brushstrokes about the future of this technology.

PlayStation VR, Sony’s virtual reality system. Video: Youtube

Autonomous cars

Autonomous and electric cars are a fact, but so far caught with tweezers. In the case of self-contained cars, hands-free driving is not total, but some vehicle control is required. If we talk about electric, although its popularity is increasing, it is true that many still have batteries with a rather limited mileage, in addition to charging stations are not as common as they should to extend their purchase and subsequent use .

2017 is going to change a big part of both aspects and there is more to take a look at the CES 2017 to see how these types of cars (or vehicles, because there has also been room for motorcycles) have been in the focus of media attention And how many companies have unveiled their prototypes, some of them in a fairly advanced beta phase, such as the Mercedes autonomous car or the Faraday Future FF91 prototype. One of the best products valued by the jury was the Integrated Connectivity Cluster Bosh , an information system for motorcycles showing everything needed for the driver on a screen as it is connected to two wheels.

As for electric cars, Samsung is already working on a much faster and larger capacity charge battery. European countries like Germany and France are carrying out plans to significantly increase charging stations this year and even finance a part of the price to drivers who want to get hold of a vehicle such as a form of power care environment.

This is how the Tesla stand-alone car works. Video: Youtube

technological advances that will change your life-prahub

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