Discovering Hidden Gems Of Europe

It a well known fact that Europe is a popular tourist destination with plethora of attractions. This continent in itself is a never ending journey, it can always surprise with something new and different. The centuries worth of rich history and culture have made from Europe a dream vacation place. The impressive natural wonders, combined with some amazing coastal regions, are pleasing even to the most demanding types of tourists. However, it is needed to know that this continent represents more than its iconic attractions like Rome, Paris or Ibiza. There are many other incredible cities which, for reasons left unknown, are not so popular outside of their respected countries. In attempt to balance that injustice, we will introduce you to 3 of these cities, and let you know what makes them so special.

Matera (Italy)

Matera is one of the most unusual and interesting destinations in Italy. The access paths are a little steep, but it totally worth the effort as the whole trip will surely be a memorable one. Matera is most famous for its cave-dwellings, or locally known as Sassi di Matera. Many of these caves can be rented, and as a tourist, you can spend the time in more than few of them. Wandering around the districts is amazing, as you’ll witness how thrillingly expressive nature was when creating such incredible vestiges. If you want to learn more about the rich history and culture of Matera, it’s highly recommend to take a guided tour. The monument of Matera’s vast history is most definitely Museo Nazionale Domenico Ridola. In this museum, you can find artifacts all back from prehistoric era, over the Roman ages to modern days. This should give you good overall impression of constant evolution of this city.

Odense (Denmark)

Odense is located in the middle of Denmark and it’s considered by many, the very heart of this country. The city is mostly known as the birthplace of the famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen but it offers many other reasons to be visited. Odense is a true sanctuary of poetry, culture and amazing history. This is something that can be sensed just by wandering around the city and appreciating its wide culture. Odense started to develop before the Viking times and this can be confirmed by its stunning architectural wonders. Saint Canute’s Cathedral is one of the most famous construction and its Gothic architecture is nothing short of breathtaking. Odense also has a rich nightlife. The city is simply filled with cozy cafes, pubs and hospitality of locals is another positive trademark of Odense.

Opatija (Croatia)

Even if it’s not as popular as Split or Dubrovnik, Opatija remains one of the most amazing holiday destinations in Croatia and perhaps, in the whole Central Europe. The city is known as a touristic place for almost 200 years and in this time, it was visited by different diplomats or royalties. Bordering with the Adriatic Sea, Opatija provides some of the most astonishing landscapes of both sea and land. The main attraction of this city is Lungomare, a 12 kilometer seafront. Lungomare offers a great promenade experience, and you can walk on it for hours, admiring the impressive decors and the natural grandeur. Opajita’s architecture has strong Austrian influences and it embraces the whole city with a noble vibe. Famous Moscenicka Draga beach is a nearby pebble beach that shouldn’t be missed as it’s sunsets are one of the most memorable experiences among visitors. It can be reached only by rent a car or taxi services throughout the whole summer season.

Europe has many others interesting attractions, and not all of them are known internationally. But if you are curios enough, you are more than encourage to explore and search for that unique place that will tailor to your interest. It’s simply guaranteed you won’t return home unimpressed.

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