5 reasons why tourists love Split

Do you ever ask yourself why the city of Split is such a large global tourist attraction? The answer to this question is simply because Split offers spectacular and breathe taking experiences to tourists from all over the world. If you only know Split as the second largest city in Croatia, then you should also be aware that the city holds a wide range of tourist attraction sites that are incomparable to any other. Here are 5 good reasons why tourists continuously visit Split in different times of the year:

 1. Historical monument

 Split is the oldest city in the area, therefore it is obvious that it has a rich history. There are plenty of evidence that prove Split was inhabited as early as 300BC. If you are shocked by this fact about the city, then you will be more shocked if you take a visit. There are plenty of historical sites that attract tourists to this great city:

 -Diocletian’s palace

 The palace was built by a Roman Emperor known as Diocletian and was meant to be a retirement palace of the Emperor. It is a 1700 years old landmark which resembles a fortress more than a palace. Therefore, don’t expect to see a normal palace but an extra large building which has a glamorous architecture. Just the site of it can take your mind back to the times of the emperor.

 -Jupiter temple

 The temple was dedicated to the Roman god of the sky and thunder called Jupiter. Tourists visit this temple to experience both the architecture and the essence of the ancient Roman religion in the city. The temple has a valid and exciting history behind it and this is what mesmerize tourists. There are well preserved ancient granite sphinxes that are believed to be brought from Egypt by Emperor Diocletian.

 -Klis fortress

 It is a medieval building built by a very ancient tribe known as Dalmatae. It was used to house different Croatian kings. This fortress is a symbol of Croatian culture and history.

 2. Natural scenery

 Split also offers a beautiful natural scenery that helps tourists reconnect with nature. These geographical sites are unique and interesting.


 It is a hill that was historically used as a park even by medieval people. It is covered by beautiful dense forest and it offers a great view of the city and nearby mountains like Kozjak.

 -Kasuni beach

 After getting surprised by the spectacular views, you can visit Kasuni beach to relax as you watch the beautiful view. Tourists come to Kasuni to enjoy a peaceful sun bathe and experience the serene environment. It is only located 2 miles from the core of Split so tourists access the beach with a lot of ease.

 3. Climate

 The climate is Mediterranean and it has a relatively hot summer. July is the hottest month in Split with average 30 Celsius. The sea is pleasantly warm during the summertime in between 22 Celsius and can sometimes goes up to 27 Celsius. The best month for swimming in the sea is in August  when average temperature of the sea is 25 Celsius.

 4. Culture

 There is usually great and interesting cultural activities in Split during the summer. It is a home of Croatian culture and this is evident in the numerous classic architectural buildings, cultural centers and museums found in Split. The culture is manifested in the festivals and Music. If you want to experience Croatian ballet, opera and drama then the Croatian National Theater is the place to visit. It is one of the largest theater in the whole of Southern Europe. It is a home to the art and music of Croatia. There are also plenty of Museums and galleries which exhibit different art works of both the old and contemporary Split.

 5. Luxurious hotels

 Split is not only home to heritage sites but it is also a home to a unique form of luxury. Have you ever imagined modern luxurious hotels in ancient world? If so, then Split is a place to make the imagination a reality. Tourists are attracted by the Luxurious hotels in Split because they are situated in the middle of historical sites. Hotels like Vestibul Palace and Palace Judita are located in the middle of Diocletian’s palace. Nights spent in these hotels are usually spectacular and tourists can’t resist to visit this great city again after their first visit.

 These are the various reasons why tourists visit Split. The reasons can compel any tourist to come to this city regardless of their current geographical location. To get to Split all you need is your flying ticket to the Split airport and a 15 minutes of taxi drive to this beautiful Dalmatian city.

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