Google and Facebook take action against false news websites

The two Internet giants will limit their deceptive advertising pages after being criticized

Technology companies Google and Facebook take measures to stop the spread of false news on the Internet by limiting their advertising, as reported by US media Tuesday.

Google decided a change of policy to prevent fake websites with content using their AdSense advertising network.


This network is based on cash income by the administrator of the page per click or display ad and that in 2015 Google paid almost 10,000 million dollars, according to the browser itself.

 Meanwhile, Facebook will update its advertising policies to specify that the restrictions on advertising revenue also applies to false and misleading news content.

Currently, the social network is limited to its own advertising policies and is not directed to fake news sites shared by users in their “latest”.

These changes occur after Google, Facebook and Twitter are facing a backlash for their role in the US presidential election  by enabling the spread of false information and often malicious, that could have influenced the victory of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump .

Given these statements, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , insisted in recent days that their social network played no role in influencing the elections.

No integrate or display ads on applications or sites that contain content that is illegal or deceptive, including false news , ” Facebook said in a statement, while adding that continue vetoing publishers of that content to ensure compliance of its policies.

Google also address the issue of false or misleading news appearing in their search results, but the change will focus on ensuring that they publish are people who exist and eliminating monetary incentives that appear to have motivated the production of many of false news.

” We will restrict ads on pages that falsify , distort or hide information about the publisher, the content of the publisher or the main purpose of the web property , ” he said, but without detailing how this new policy will apply to the company.

Google already had standards for its AdSense program that prohibits ads appear alongside pornographic or violent content , in addition to a human and artificial intelligence combination to revise the pages that adhere to its ad program.

Google advocated these changes after the search engine directed users to a false story claiming that Trump had won the popular vote while the vote count was not finished, though a company spokesman says the work update advertising policy began before the elections.

For its part, Facebook has been criticized for allowing the spread of misinformation Trump favorable , although Zuckerberg says that 99% of the visible content for users is true and only a small part are false news.


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