Discover what you do wrong when you have the flu

The incidence of influenza increases in the winter months due to the weakening of the immune system.Despite being a recurrent phenomenon, each year appear multiple tips and advice on what to do and what not to do to prevent the spread of seasonal flu, so typical at this time.

According to data from System, each year flu waves have their peak incidence between the months of recorded December and February . However, when the temperatures begin to fall flu lurks in fact usually it affects from the autumn months until March or so.


For these reasons it is essential to know that proper hygiene and habits of life and a healthy diet are the best protection against influenza. It also does not hurt that you find out what means, both converted habit of repeating, they are an urban legend and really are risking your health.

The specialist in intensive medicine Vithas Santa Catalina Hospital, Dr. Pedro Caballero, explains what statements about the common flu are true and which are part of the popular inventory. Surely discover, in any of these tips , what you do wrong when you have the flu:

1.- Confundes flu and colds?

They are not the same . Although the appearance of the symptoms are similar, colds or colds are not the same as the flu and self – medication is not recommended when creating experience the same symptoms. The flu is caused by the virus that gives it its name and has an incubation period of one to two days. Its symptoms include fever, muscle weakness, cough and nasal obstruction. In the case of colds, most are caused by rhinovirus, of which there are more than 100 types. The symptoms are milder, with the telltale factor that fever does not usually appear .

2. Do you take antibiotics for the flu?

Not to take them. Influenza is caused by a particular type of virus so antibiotics will not have any effectiveness since its function is to fight bacterial infections. “Only in case of complications, the doctor will prescribe responsible use of antibiotics , ” he warns.

Remember that an irresponsible use of flu infections leads to problems of bacterial resistance, ie, the bacteria become resistant to the action of antibiotics and these become useless in cases of necessity .

3. To avoid infecting you cover your mouth with your hand?

If you do you know that is not a good idea. Although the popular trend is to cover her mouth and nose with your hand when coughing or sneezing, the hands are not the best place to leave germs. Since the hands are in contact with other people and the environment around us, it will be more beneficial to cover your mouth with a tissue. Thus a greater dispersion of the virus is actually avoided.

4. Are you one of those who turn away from air conditioners for fear of flu?

Changes own winter temperature affect the immune system, but the air – conditioned themselves not induce the spread of the flu. Keeping these devices at low temperatures for a long time weakens the nasal mucosa respiratory. It is the presence in the room with the flu, ultimately, the existence of influenza virus in the environment, which produces increase contagions. The relationship of flu and air conditioners stems from confusion with other conditions caused by poor air quality.

5. Do you think the flu are three days?

After the incubation period, symptoms of the flu suffer three to seven days in which the body progresses to healing. With the help (or not) of drugs such as antitussives or mucolytics, in a week the body tends to regain health.

It is rare that complications occur, but in the case of the most vulnerable groups such as older than 60 years, children or people with previous illnesses, flu can lead to other diseases of the lower respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia *). So if you will require medical assessment and appropriate treatment.

Remember that the flu is cured during the day, medication and recommended for the days of flu substances not cure the disease or eliminate the infection, simply reduce symptoms .

Three Tips to Control flu

1. The power of good nutrition.

You have to know that eating right contributes to recovery of health. Food is one of those responsible for the good health of the body. Follow a balanced diet is synonymous with a protected organism. The addition to the diet of foods rich in vitamins and minerals will be a reinforcement of the defenses to finish before with flu symptoms. You acquire a healthy lifestyle, even in winter, a stronger boost to infection by pathogens resistance.

2. Hand washing is essential.

It may be the most obvious statement, but at the same time is one of the most important and often overlooked . Optimal hand hygiene prevents the spread of all those pathogenic substances that may have been deposited in them. Should apply soap and clean between your fingers. Hand-drying is the most appropriate use paper towels that can be thrown away and not spread the virus and other microorganisms to healthy people.

3. Drink lots of fluids is beneficial.

If overall hydration is a key element for the care of the body, it becomes essential when flu sufferer.Keeping your body hydrated promotes the good condition of the mucous membranes and helps recovery in febrile processes, since one of the effects of the fever is gradually dehydrate the body. The hot drinks with caffeine and protein and soups are the most recommended liquids in the early days of the disease.


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